This 4-Minute Resistance Band Workout Tones Your Whole Body—No Shower Required

Photo: Getty Images/Tinpixels
The days of strictly adhering to a hardcore fitness routine to feel like you got in a good workout are over. Now, all it takes is a line-up of small micro movements to feel the burn everywhere, and one of the best tools to get the job done is none other than a resistance band.

P.volve is known for its tiny sculpting and strengthening movements—particularly ones using a specialized exercise ball, known as the p.ball. With bands recently being thrown into the mix, another muscle-sculpting door has been opened. But you don't need to buy anything pricey to do the four minute workout the brand recently posted to Instagram—you can use what you already have at home.

According to P.volve master trainer Celestine Atalie, the express workout helps strengthen your posture and activate the core and glutes. The opening movements are also great for anyone who sits at a desk all day, allowing you to get some relief in your hips, back, neck, and shoulders. The resistance band stays taut in your hands the entire time, whether you're using a loop, handled, or normal option. Then while you're doing arm movements, you're also doing tiny sits and leg movements. If you really want to challenge yourself, you can rewind and repeat everything for a second time.

By the time the workout is up, you'll feel full-body relief—and will be building up strong, toned muscles in the process.

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