9 Rituals To Encourage Abundance and Luck in the New Year

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In the words of Michael Scott from The Office, “I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little stitious.” So when it comes to setting myself up for a good year, I’d rather not leave anything to chance, so I employ all the tools in my spiritual toolkit. Set goals and intentions? I’m on it. Make a vision board? Done. Do some scripting manifestation? You bet. Another thing worth adding to the list: rituals for abundance and luck. Ahead, find nine rituals to call in abundance and luck in 2023 and beyond. 

How many of these rituals for abundance and luck have you tried?

1. Get a lucky plant

According to Imani Quinn, a quantum mystic, astrologer, and co-author of Astrology SOS: An Astrological Survival Guide to Life, connecting with the energy of the elements is one way to enhance abundance vibes. For instance, you can tap into the element of earth by working with plants. Particularly, Quinn recommends getting a Chinese money tree or bamboo plant (or another lucky plant of your choosing), known for their assistance in bringing abundance. 

The abundance ritual comes into play with how you interact and care for the plant throughout the year. “As you water this plant in the coming year, tend to it with your intentions of abundance in mind, thinking about the areas of your life that you’d like to see abundance financially, energetically, within your dreams, and in your community,” Quinn says. “Pay attention to how the plant blesses you with abundance, and if its leaves wither, see how you can feed it in order for it to feed you.”

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Also, bonus points if you arrange your plants according to Feng Shui to help attract love, wealth, and good vibes. 

2. Declutter and clean your space

To harness the element of air, decluttering is in order. “Clearing out the old as a way to make space for the new is a very important ritual and action to take in creating abundance,” Quinn says. So take some time to get rid of anything you don’t need and give everything a good dusting. It’s also a great idea to sprinkle some Feng Shui into your workspace by facing your desk toward the door, keeping your window open, and infusing your space with pleasant scents to welcome more wealth and success. And if you’re feeling witchy, consider casting a spell to freshen up your home’s energy

3. Practice candle magic

For this ritual, you’ll need an abundance or prosperity candle, which you can snag at most spiritual stores. Before lighting it, Quinn instructs writing a list of what abundance you want to call in this year, whether financial or manifestations relating to work, love, passions, or anything else. 

“The element of fire is potent because it lights whatever we put intention toward,” she says. “Every time you light the candle, you will recite your intentions out loud to give them power through throat chakra activation.” 

Pro tip: Quinn adds that instead of blowing out the candle at the end of the day, snuff it with a candle snuffer to avoid “blowing” your wishes away. And to enhance your candle magic, she suggests placing some money underneath the candle as an offering and having some crystals for wealth and abundance nearby.  

4. Do a bath ritual

Next up is harnessing the energy of the element of water with a luxe bath ritual. “Bath rituals have been done for centuries within many traditions cross-culturally as a way of cleansing and [bringing] in healing and manifestations,” Quinn says. She suggests putting Epsom salts, a tablespoon of milk, bergamot essential oil, roses, and rosemary leaves into a small burlap bag so they stay contained but still soak into the bath water. You can also add honey to your bath, which she notes is often used in Latin and African practices as an ode to goddesses of abundance and prosperity.

“During the bath, make sure to call on your ancestral and spiritual team for guidance and assistance in the process, and meditate on the abundances that you want to bring into fruition,” Quinn says. And once you’re done bathing, “wind down and rest to give time for the healing energy of the ritual to alchemize and permeate through your energy auric field.”

And to make your bath extra potent, turn it into a new or full moon bath

5. Sprinkle cinnamon near your front door

 “Cinnamon has been deemed by ancient Egyptians, Romans, occultists, spiritualists, and Ayurvedic practitioners as a healing agent with high vibrational qualities that attract prosperity and abundance to those who use this powerful spice,” Meghan Rose, a spiritual advisor, and tarot reader, previously told Well + Good. This is why some people like to sprinkle cinnamon at their front door to attract good fortune into their homes energetically. 

To do this abundance ritual, place a tablespoon of ground cinnamon onto the palm of your non-dominant hand, set an intention out loud (such as “I blow this cinnamon to welcome abundance into my life.”), and then stand outside your front door facing inside and blow three times to spread the cinnamon.

6. Say “Rabbit, Rabbit” on the first of each month

While the origins of this abundance and luck ritual are unknown, there’s no harm, so why not add it to the mix? Think of it as your verbal lucky charm. The instructions are super simple: Say “rabbit, rabbit” on the first day of each month for good luck

7. Hang a horseshoe in your doorway

Horseshoes are believed to be a good luck symbol. Some people hang one in their doorway to welcome good fortune into their homes. Be sure it’s visible to anyone who enters your home to let them know bad vibes aren’t welcome. 

8. Recite abundance affirmations

“In order to maintain [the] energy of harmony, blessings, and peace, we can create affirmations that will influence the way we think, and on a deeper level, our subconscious, which feeds our actions,” Quinn says. This is also known as cultivating an abundance mentality. Quinn suggests reciting an abundance affirmation once a day such as: “I am an abundant being filled with overflowing blessings all around me. I am a vessel for luck, and goodness surrounds me always.”

9. Practice gratitude

To further flex your abundance muscle, Quinn recommends writing a gratitude journal entry listing every experience, person, place, or thing you were grateful for in 2022. “Gratitude is a frequency that encourages more blessings and abundance to flow to you when you are in its mindfulness state,” she says. Don’t know where to start? A gratitude journal can provide some structure and guidance. 

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