How a Successful Root Chakra Meditation Makes You Feel More Grounded

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When your root chakra is blocked, it can lead to feeling unsafe and insecure. Nicole Rutsch, a reiki master and herbalist at NAO Wellness, says root chakra meditation can be a powerful tool for keeping the energy flow of your root chakra open.

"It's your foundation and represents your connection to the earth and our sense of 'groundedness' in life. If the root chakra were in nature, it would be the soil in which the seeds are planted," says Rutsch. "It's the 'ground floor' of the chakra system and lays the foundation for expansion in your life."

Chakras are essentially energy centers in our body. "The word 'chakra' is borrowed from the Sanskrit language and means wheel or vortex," she says. "The idea is that there are many different energy centers in the body, which are linked to different aspects of the mind, body and soul. In Reiki teaching, we focus on the seven major chakras, starting from our base and running all the way at the top of the head in a vertical line up our spine."

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The seven major chakras include the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown chakras. Rutsch explains that the root chakra is located at the perineum, along the first three vertebrae, and extends down into our feet and legs.

When your root chakra is open, Rutsch says you feel grounded and safe in your body and in your physical environment.

"It means you are supported in your life choices and decision making, you have developed your instincts, and the combined energy of your mind, body and soul are in alignment," she says. "If the root chakra becomes blocked or depleted you may have a hard time feeling safe in the world and might feel constantly at risk of danger. You may attract toxic energy, feel increased stress and anxiety, and be more prone to anger and getting stuck in negative thinking patterns." A blocked root chakra can also have physical manifestations, particularly in your lower body.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it might be worth exploring your root chakra. Meditation is a great way to open your root chakra. "Meditations are helpful for opening your root chakra because you will facilitate healing in your physical body and for your mental health," she says.

How to have a successful root chakra meditation

1. Identify a comfortable space

"Find a peaceful place to relax and to connect with yourself 20 to 30 minutes," says Rutsch.

2. Play some sound healing music

"Sound healing is a beautiful way to relax your mind if you are new to meditation," she says. "The sound has a specific frequency which promotes healing for each chakra." There are many options for root chakra meditation music on sites like YouTube:

3. Find a comfortable position.

Rutsch says you can either lie down or sit in a comfortable position on the floor. "Sitting down on the floor is a wonderful way to get grounded since you can feel the earth and the support beneath you—this helps your root chakra," she says. Sit with your shoulders back and your spine straight

4. Focus your attention

Close your eyes, and fold your hands in the prayer position with your fingers pointing up and your thumbs touching the heart chakra at the middle of your chest, she says.

"Focus all your attention on the space between the palms. We call this the Palm chakra—a vibration that focus on the middle finger," she says. "If thoughts arise, acknowledge them, but then gently brush them aside and refocus on the space between the palms. Now breath deeply into yourself and exhale."

5. Visualize the chakras

"Visualize each chakra from your root to your crown chakra, and as you do so, picture the energy flowing through each chakra," she says. "Give each chakra attention and focus on it until you can see vibrant energy passing through it. I would suggest  several minutes for each. By the time you reach the crown chakra, you should have a clear mental image of positive energy flowing all the way through your body." If you're a visual person, Rutsch recommends imagining the colors of each chakra to aid in your meditation.

When your root chakra is open, it allows energy to flow through your other chakras and to feel more secure.

"Feeling safe is essential to raising your vibration. Bringing in positive energy involves opening your heart, and to do that we have to cultivate the space within you that feels safe," she says. "We have to have a strong foundation to build on and this also means cultivating a deeper connection to ourselves and to our subconscious."

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