I Tried Out Rose Bush Butter, and Yes, It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like

Let's jump in: residing on my nightstand is Rose Bush Pussy Butter ($40), an organic lubricant-and-then-some that smells like a cake pop. Yes, Rose Bush Butter. Butter for your vagina. 240 roses smashed into a jar of sensual, botanical goodness.

If you're skeptical, I respect that. On a recent episode of The Bold Type, journalist Jane is sitting on a wellness panel with a fiery yeast infection, and goes off about how, "Vaginas aren't supposed to smell like cookies, they're supposed to smell like vaginas." I want to echo that upfront: Your vagina probably smells fine. My vagina probably smells fine. I haven't read the Yelp reviews recently, but nobody whose eaten at the restaurant has ever vocally complained.  

Beyond addressing that and my Marie-Antoinette-esque guilt of writing about floral vagina butter when the world is on fire, there's about a dozen reasons why I gave this product a whirl. There are also quite a few reasons why I [whispers] kind of dig it.

So uh, what is Rose Bush Butter?

Rose Bush Butter serves multiple purposes, including a moisturizer for vaginal dryness, a cleanser, a massage oil, a post-wax-or-shave balm, and nipple chafing during breastfeeding. Primarily, it seems to fit into the category of an all-natural oil-based edible lube.

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  • Lucky Sekhon, MD, board-certified OB/GYN, reproductive endocrinologist, and infertility specialist

Be aware that oil-based lube can lead to latex condom breakage, so this might not be a fit for every sexual scenario, especially the ones where pregnancy would be a bummer. But it is a lovely option if "all natural" is your vulva's happy go-to. At around room temperature, Rose Bush Butter has a similar consistency to solidified coconut oil, melting into a silky liquid formula. But it's notably different since you shouldn't be using coconut oil as lube, because coconut oil isn't pH balanced like Rose Bush Butter is.

PH refers to how basic or acidic something is, with levels less than zero to seven being acidic and greater than seven to 14 being basic. The vagina is usually at about a 4.5, and it's important to use lubricants close to that level so the balance doesn't get disrupted.

"When the pH balance is thrown off and the level rises abnormally, making the environment less acidic and more basic, it can allow for the proliferation and overgrowth of certain types of bacteria and lead to conditions such as bacterial vaginosis—which is associated with malodorous discharge," says board-certified OB/GYN and fertility specialist Lucky Sekhon, MD.  "While BV itself is not harmful, it can make women more vulnerable to contracting other types of potentially harmful infections such as herpes, human papillomavirus, and HIV."

So this isn't just a flowery novelty product, it was carefully created with respect to the vaginal flora.

Trying out Rose Bush Butter

Okay, initially I did have a fit of giggles because, you know, the name Rose Bush Pussy Butter. That branding sticks a hard landing. Then I went over the ingredients: Bulgarian Rose Otto, raspberry seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, coconut creme...No joke, my favorite flavors are rose, raspberry, and pomegranate. Coconut is a go-to when it comes to beauty maintenance. Add lovely little things like raw cacao butter, golden jojoba oil, and rosehip seed oil, and I became somber. "Wait, was this luxury piece specifically blended for me," I internally whispered.

The butter is amorous and aromatic. It smells lovely, like rose-flavored white chocolate, and it slides on in a really beautiful, dewy way, nourishing the skin. Instead of leaving it greasy, a few circular rubs lets the butter absorb. So even as an after-shave balm or a body moisturizer, I give it two thumbs up.

And because I’m sure you’re wondering, yes, it makes sexual play a hundred times more sensual. I’ve developed a pretty utilitarian relationship with my quarantine boyfriend, the Arc by Dame, and the Rose Bush Butter added a much-missed layer of romance. I’m not a lube connoisseur, but I definitely have a collection, and this one is special for putting the “love” in self-love. Not my first pick for toys, but for a slowed-down session of self-love? *Chef's kiss.

Final verdict

Like I said, this product feels tailor-made to me, my priorities, and the eccentric lifestyle I live as a sex writer. I’m not sure if it’s “necessary.” If you're in a shaky financial state and you're choosing between buying groceries and buying something that'll give your vagina a Garden of Eden vibe for funzies, please go with the former.

If money isn't an option, though, and you favor natural products, please enjoy! The butter has many admirable uses, it smelling delicious is a fringe perk versus a stab at your insecurities (again, your vagina smells fine)! Think of it as a sexual dessert. Something a little fancy, decadent, and delicious to top off an evening, regardless of whether it's "necessary." Give a new definition to "let them eat cake."

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