Meet The $28 Mascara That Doubles as a Serum To Lengthen and Strengthen Lashes

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When it comes to celeb-owned beauty brands, I really thought I had seen and tested enough. From luxe fragrances and skin-care goodies to fancy blushes and makeup kits, the market is admittedly pretty saturated with the creations of Hollywood’s elite. So when I found myself going back to this specific, celeb-formulated mascara, I made a note to myself. This stuff wasn't just hyped because it got the celeb stamp of approval—it was hyped because it's really impressive. 

Meet the Rose Inc, Ultra Black Lash Lift Serum Mascara ($28). It’s one of the many creations from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s cosmetics line. The actress and supermodel started the brand back in 2018 with a focus on creating clean, innovative products that deliver on performance. And that’s exactly what you can expect from this mascara.

What makes this tube so special from the dozens of other mascaras I've tried is the hybrid formula. It's both a lash serum and a volume-maximizing mascara all wrapped up into one. So, in addition to giving your lashes the pop and shine they need for everyday wear, this solution also helps them to become stronger with each application in a two-for-one combo. The key is the several notable skin-care ingredients inside the formula. Most notably, squalane, which is a powerhouse for hydration and can help to lock in moisture. Then there's peptides (to fortify and thicken your lashes), and argan oil (to help prevent damage). Together, this creates the perfect recipe to keep your lashes long, strong, and lifted. 

First impressions

I have naturally curly lashes that easily bunch together and can be hard to separate with just one coat. But this mascara was able to comb through and coat my lashes in single stroke, making the wand a true work of art. The applicator has small, short, evenly separated bristles that allow you to reach the base of your lash line and comb up from the root to the tip repeatedly without creating clumps. You then can flip the brush over where it’s slightly curved and use that side to lift and fan out your lashes. 

I also love how truly buildable the formula is. A lot of mascaras I've used in the past have a super thick formulation that clump easily when you dip the wand in after the first coat. But this was not the case here. The serum is lightweight and subtle, which I found made the mascara's formula easier to work with and apply to your lashes without the bristles gathering tiny black clusters. 

Even after you go back in for several coats, the applicator is pretty smooth (no tugging!). Plus, the formula really stays on. Case in point: I accidentally slept in my makeup—foundation, mascara and all—and when I woke up to wash my face, the mascara didn't budge. In fact, it took more than a double cleanse to remove that infamous raccoon look around the eyes that happens when you sleep in mascara. If you need to be in glam all day, this is a formula that is really (really) going to hold up. 

The end result is a natural look. If you're going for dramatic, Bambi lashes, I'd say this isn't for you—but if you want to give your lashes a bit of "oomph" that makes them naturally look longer and thicker, this mascara belongs in your cart, stat. Basically, this mascara is great for natural no-makeup makeup.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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