Our Favorite Washable, Joint-Friendly Rugs Are on Sale Now, and We’re Buying One for Every Room

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If your rugs are anything like my rugs, they needed some serious TLC, like, yesterday. Dirty feet, spilled coffee, muddy boots, pet dander, baby spit, mold, and mildew—area rugs handle a lot, no matter what room of the house they live in. And unless you have an unlimited dry cleaning budget, caring for them is a lot of work, too.

Unless you have a Ruggable rug, that is. Then, you have a stain-resistant, water-resistant, and machine-washable, (yes, really), rug that you don't have to worry about at all. There's no dry cleaning, no dragging your rug outside to shake it out and beat it with a stick (people still do that, right?). No, with a Ruggable rug you just un-peel it from its backing and pop it in the washer for an instant clean. And lucky for us, they're all on sale right now.

The brand is celebrating its fifth birthday with a gift for all of us: 20 percent off, site-wide. It's all up for grabs, from monogrammed welcome mats to sprawling shag carpets, and everything in between. This includes its joint-saving cushioned pad system, which instantly transforms hard surfaces, like kitchens and bathrooms, into plush spaces sweet on your feet. Trust me—you'll never dread doing the dishes ever again.

Do your floors (and feet) a favor and unroll a carpet you'll actually want to care for because it's so flippin' easy. Shop the Ruggable sale below July 21-26, and use the code FIVE for 20 percent off your purchase.

Machine-washable rugs for every room of your house

For the kitchen

Broken Stripe Grey Rug with Cushioned Pad - 2'x3' — $95.00

Originally $119, now $95

Standing around doing dishes or chopping veggies can be deceivingly strenuous on your muscles and joints. Enter, the cushioned kitchen rug, padded with a smidge of extra foam your tired trotters and relax against. At 2’x3′, it’s the perfect size for small kitchens where you want some padding in front of the sink or counter. Your feet will thank you.

Nina Takesh Loire Ivory Quartz Rug - 2.5'x7' — $160.00

Originally $199, now $160

For larger galley kitchens and long spaces, keep your feet sweet on a runner style rug, which are available in two lengths (2.5’x7′ and 2.5’x10′) in either the classic or cushioned systems. This modern rug features a low-pile chenille printed with a marbled pattern that instantly elevates any space with its clean lines and neutral color palette. And no worrying about spilt milk—literally. All of Ruggable’s rugs are stain-resistant and machine washable, so it’ll be as good as new in no time.


For the living room or bedroom

Sarrah Blue Quartz Rug - 8'x'10 — $367.00

Originally $459, now $367

You can’t go wrong with a stunning traditional rug to set at the center of your room. This one features a worn, vintage feel adorned with a classic floral and medallion pattern in different shades of blue, cream, and gray. It also comes in sage, coral, and hazel, all of which are timeless enough to go with any aesthetic.

Shag Rug — 5'x'7' — $327.00

Originally $409, now $327

I have this exact rug in my guest bedroom and every time friends or family come to stay, the first thing they do is compliment how soft and cuddly the rug is. It’s so plush you don’t even need the cushioned system underneath—the furry shag feels amazing under your feet. And the colors—ivory, gray, cream, and light pink—are a world away from your mom’s ’70s shag carpet.

Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Slate Blue Rug - 6'x9' — $303.00

Originally $379, now $303

Or, spruce up your space with this cool, geographic carpet by designer Jonathan Adler, which gives off a bit of a mid-century modern feel. Again, it’s water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine-washable, so you’ll have peace of mind your carpet will stay in good shape. Choose from black and white, navy and white, ivory and cream, and lapis blue.

For the bathroom

Hudson Stripe Black Rug with Cushioned Pad - 3'x5' — $127.00

Originally $159, now $127

Tile, marble, and other hard surfaces can feel less-than-great while you’re standing around doing your hair or brushing your teeth. That’s why we recommend getting a cushioned Ruggable rug for your bathroom sink, like this striped one that’ll add a pop of color while keeping your feet sweet. Available in black, red, red and green, blue, and slate.

Diamond Shibori Indigo Rug with Cushioned Pad - 3'x5' — $127.00

Originally $159, now $127

If your bathroom has a beachy or nautical feel, we love this Shibori rug that’s equal parts coastal and bohemian. Get it in either the classic or cushioned system, in either indigo or navy colorways.

For the patio

Hello Light Coir Doormat — $119.00

Originally $149, now $119

Yep, Ruggable even has washable doormats you can wash off when they get a little bit grimey. Choose from colors, patterns, and monograms, or welcome your guests over with a simple, “Hello,” like this one.

Outdoor Havana Desert Sage Rug - 6'x9' — $263.00

Originally $329, now $263

Turn your patio into an outdoor oasis with this washable outdoor rug. Its hardy exterior will hold up in the elements, resisting fading, mildew, and mold along the way. And if the palms aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of other patterns and materials to choose from, all durable enough to withstand the weather while making your outdoor escape look dreamy.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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