This New Mushroom-Infused Sex Serum Gave Me Body-Quaking Orgasms Complete With 5-Minute Aftershocks

The overlap of mushrooms and wellness is not new: People are sipping creamed cordyceps and calling it coffee, taking it in supplement form, and snacking on it in the name of brain health. So, perhaps it should come as no surprise that mushrooms are making their way into the sexual wellness sphere, too. Just last month, sexual wellness company Runi released a CBD sex serum infused with a mix of adaptogenic cordyceps and shiitake mushrooms called Play Primer ($44).

As a pleasure-product reviewer and experiential learner, I’ve applied a fair number of arousal oils to my erogenous zones. But from start to finish (i.e., orgasm), I was especially impressed with Play Primer.

What's unique about Play Primer

Marketed as a next-generation serum for enhanced pleasure and arousal, Play Primer is designed to be applied to your external pleasure zones. It's meant to be rubbed into the perineum, inner and outer labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening 15 minutes or so ahead of playtime in order to give the mucosal membranes in those areas time to absorb the serum.

So what’s in the serum exactly—and why is it different than others on the market? Play Primer has an aloe vera gel base, infused with a handful of simple ingredients: CBD, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, cordyceps mushroom extract, and shiitake mushroom extract. It's the combination of those last two ingredients, paired with the CBD, that makes this new product noteworthy.

Known for their aphrodisiac qualities, the mix of cordyceps and shiitake mushroom extract is meant to boost blood flow where it’s applied.

It's worth mentioning that a number of arousal serums available today—including Foria Awaken Arousal Oil and Bloomi CBD Arousal Oil—contain CBD. The intention here is for the plant extract to support pelvic floor muscle relaxation and promote blood flow, which are two essential steps in arousal and self-lubrication.

What does the additional combination of cordyceps mushroom extract and shiitake mushroom extract in the formulation offer? Known for their aphrodisiac qualities, the mix of cordyceps and shiitake mushroom extract is meant to boost blood flow where it’s applied.

My experience with the Runi Play Primer

I was a fan of Runi's Play Primer as soon as I got it out of its package. Most arousal oils come in sleek glass bottles, which remind me of perfume vials. This serum, however, comes in a discrete, cylindrical red container that looks similar to a highlighter marker. As a person who requires laughter during sex in order to enjoy it, I appreciate that it’s fun and accessible in the way many pleasure aids fail to be.

The first time I used it, I put my sex playlist on (“On Tonight” by Chase Rice on repeat, if you must know), made sure my fully-charged wand vibrator was within reach, put my dog in her cage, and crawled between the sheets.

Then, I coated my fingers with the recommended three squirts of Play Primer. As my favorite country artist's voice made its way to my ears, my fingers made their way south. Bluntly, the texture of the serum really does it for me. Thanks to its aloe vera base, the serum is creamier than many oil-based arousal products. I’d compare it in feel to that of ejaculate, which is ideal for someone like me who goes bananas for bodily fluids. (Worth mentioning: Play Primer not having an oil base means it's compatible with latex barriers, whereas oil-based serums are not.)

Just five minutes after applying the serum, my labia and clit felt plumper, indicating an increase in blood flow (and, thus, arousal). While the initial orgasm that followed wasn’t necessarily more intense than my usual, the aftershocks lasted a good five minutes—and I'll call that a win.

Ultimately, I’d recommend the Runi Play Primer to anyone looking to fast-track their arousal process, as well as those looking to add a little something extra to their masturbation sessions. And at $44 per bottle, this arousal serum is more affordable than all the aphrodisiac arousal serums on the market.

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