Farewell, Frosty Fingers—These Cold-Weather Running Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Warm Mile After Mile

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When it comes to running, our feet tend to get a lot of love. Especially come winter time, cold weather socks and snow-worthy sneakers top most of our gear lists. These are essential, of course, but the one winter running accessory you shouldn't forget? Gloves. You really need the best running gloves for cold weather and running gloves for winter in general to make it through this freezing season.

If you've ever gone for a run without gloves, you know it's not long before your tender hands and fingers start to freeze. Fingertips can turn pallid, knuckles get stiff, and hands turn into proverbial blocks of ice. Next thing you know, and you're stopping mid-jog to warm up your mitts, or worse, cutting your run short completely to avoid freezing. Tl;dr: cold hands can take the pep out of your step pretty fast, which is why we recommend investing in one of the best winter running gloves instead.

Whether you're training for your next marathon or just getting into road running, don't go out empty-handed—literally. Below, the best running gloves for cold weather, guaranteed to keep your hands toasty mile after mile.

Warm up with the best running gloves for cold weather

Nike, Transform Running Gloves — $40.00

If you want a good all-around glove that’ll keep your hands warm but never sweaty or swampy, the Transform from Nike will do the trick. They’re made from the brand’s Dri-Fit technology that wicks off moisture while you run (bye bye, clammy hands). When it’s brisk but bearable, the mitten layer folds away so you can wear it as a glove. When the elements turn on? Unfold the mitten part over your fingers for extra protection from wind, rain, and snow.

New Balance, Lightweight Touchscreen Warm Running Gloves — $18.00

Hate bulky winter gloves? Same, which is why we love these lightweight fleece-lined babies from New Balance. The palms feature a grippy design, so no worrying about dropping your phone or your water bottle mid-run. They’re also touchscreen compatible, allowing you to swipe, text, and press play, all without having to take your glove off.

Brooks, Shield Lobster Running Gloves — $55.00

If you’re running in a place that frequently dips into freezing temp territory, add these mitten-glove hybrids to your cart. They’re insulated with a synthetic fill that’ll keep your mitts toasty on even the most frigid of jogs. When it’s sleeting or snowing, the ripstop nylon exterior keeps hands dry and out of the elements worry-free. The tech compatibility and flexible fingers don’t hurt either.


Icebreaker, Quantum Glove — $45.00

Don’t let the weight of this glove fool you—they’re warm as can be. Just like the brand’s cozy base layers, these Icebreaker gloves are made from a merino wool that regulates temperature, stays dry, and stays smelling great. Use them alone or as a liner when the temps really drop.

Arc'teryx, Gothic Glove — $39.00

Another light, liner-like option comes from Arc’teryx. The Gothic Glove is also made from merino wool, which gives it an airy but powerful feel when it’s on. Warmth aside, they’re convenient, giving you tech compatibility in the thumb and forefinger when you need to shoot off a quick text, and compactness when you need to stow them in your pack.

Trailheads, Convertible Running Gloves — $35.00

For fans of the convertible style, check out Trailhead’s mitten-to-glove design. As a mitten, they’re a little bit warmer and waterproof for when things get soggy. As a glove, they provide total mobility and tech compatibility while you’re on the road or trail. And never worry about losing them when they’re off—each mitten has a hidden magnet in the sleeve which keeps them paired up in your backpack, gym bag, or wherever you stow them.

Lululemon, Cold Terrain Running Gloves — $42.00

Heading out for an evening jog? Don’t leave without these bright yellow beauties. Their bright coloring and reflective detailing make them ideal for low visibility situations when you need to be seen and stay warm. If yellow isn’t your thing, there’s also a dreamy beige option that looks good with any running kit.

Smartwool, Merino Sport Fleece Training Glove — $45.00

Double-down on comfort with these merino wool training gloves, brushed with a fleece lining for happy hands. They’ve got everything you want in a cold-weather running glove, including a weatherproof backing, silicone grips, and reflective detailing for evening jogs when you need to be seen.

Achiou, Winter Gloves — $10.00

These best-selling $10 gloves are a no-brainer for anyone on a budget. In addition to being snug, they’re designed to make cold-weather running convenient. From touchscreen fingertips to strategically placed silicone grips, they’re a quality glove that won’t break your bank.

Athleta, Polartec Glove — $42.00

Light, streamlined, and comfortable, these gloves from Athleta make cold-weather training a breeze. The fabric is stretchy and sleek, so no getting distracted by bulkiness mid-run. Like the others, they’re tech compatible, making it easy to answer phone calls and switch songs without ever having to break your stride.

Marmot, Power Stretch Connect Glove — $35.00

Whether you’re heading out for an all-day training session or sneaking in a quick afternoon jog before your next meeting, these Marmot gloves will do the trick when the temps drop. Similar to Athleta’s, they’re made from a flexible Polartec fabric that traps body heat without trapping sweat. If they do get clammy, hang them from the carabiner loop to air out.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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