This Standing Abs Workout From Celeb Trainer Astrid Swan Is Actually a Total-Body Challenge

Celeb trainer (and soon-to-be mom) Astrid Swan knew she would continue working out while pregnant. "I’m six months along, and I think it’s super important to keep your core strong," says Swan, who's worked with both Jessica Alba and Julianne Hough.

Strong abs can help women during delivery. And strengthening yours—whether you're expecting or not—can help with balance and stability. One of the cool things about Swan's workouts is that they're really for any body—and able to be done anywhere. Recently, she took over The Body Los Angeles to shoot a full-on core sequence that you can add to your at-home exercise routine. "This is great for pregnancy, but also any level of fitness that you’re in," she says.

The move above targets your obliques, the side muscles of your core that run up and down your trunk. But because it combines a shoulder press and balancing on one leg, it'll also challenge your upper body and stability, too.

To get started, grab a dumbbell. Swan's repping a 15-pound weight in the video, but she says to choose the load that's heavy, but works for you. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and shift your weight into the foot opposite the arm holding the weight. Lift the weight over your head, keeping your bicep close to your ear, and counterbalance by extending your other arm out to the side at shoulder height, parallel to the ground.

Slightly tuck your pelvis and exhale as you bring the elbow and knee on the side with the weight to touch. Inhale as you return to the start position. You'll be feeling that side-body burn in no time flat.

If you want even *more* moves from Swan, check out the full video here. Or, check out her fave low-impact body move for pregnancy

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