This ‘Glow Sculpt’ Highlighting Blush Is the Skin-Loving, One-and-Done Summer Makeup Product You’ll Want To Wear Every Day

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When I first started wearing makeup, I remember my mom telling me that blush was the one product that would make my face "look alive," and my teenage self really took that to heart. Because of this, adding color to my cheeks has always had a special place in my heart (and in my routine), so when I got the chance to try the new Saie Glow Sculpt ($32), a hybrid highlighting blush, I knew from the start that it might just be the product of my dreams.

What is Saie’s Glow Sculpt?

Over the past few years, Saie has made a name for itself in the beauty space for its high-performance formulas made with sustainable packaging and practices. As the beauty industry has shifted to a focus on natural-looking skin and makeup made with skin-friendly ingredients, Saie has excelled as a premier brand in the space. Whether you're using their beloved Glowy Super Gel ($28) or their new Glowy Super Skin Foundation ($40), you know you're getting a high-quality formula made with superior ingredients.

Following that same ethos, Glow Sculpt is a multi-use cream highlighting blush with a silky texture that melts right into your skin. The formula is made with skin-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and konjac root, both of which help to hydrate your skin and give you a healthier-looking complexion.

The product is available in five shades: Mauveglow (a cool-toned mauve), Peachglow (a pinky peach), Quartzglow (a warm bronze), Pinkglow (a cool pink), and Bronzeglow (a rich, reddish bronze). Each compact comes with a mirror and is refillable. That means you can purchase the whole set for $32 and, from there, purchase refills for $25 each. You can also grab the accompanying dual-ended Double Brush ($30), which is perfect for applying on your cheekbones or even your eyelids for an extra pop of color.

The Shades

I had the chance to try out all five shades, which I tested out on both my eyelids and cheekbones.


On me, Quartzglow leaned more towards a straight highlighter than a highlighting blush. While it added just a hint of color, its biggest payoff was as a luminous highlighter for my cheeks.


For days that I want a highlighting blush that delivers a 60/40 highlighter to color ratio, Pinkglow will be my go-to. While Bronzeglow, Peachglow, and Mauveglow all give a generous amount of pigment, Pinkglow gives a more subtle color with lots of radiance.


This beautiful shade has quite a bit of pigment! On my lighter skin tone, I found that I needed to apply it with a lighter touch than the sheerer shades, like Quartzglow and Pinkglow. The reddish bronze color is stunning, though, and I especially loved wearing it on my lids.


Perfect for summer, Peachglow is a rather opaque pinky peach that adds an instant flush to the cheeks. While not identical, this shade is similar to the cult-favorite NARS Orgasm Blush, with a familiar color pay-off and glow.


I am a sucker for mauve in any kind of makeup, so before I even tried it I knew this shade would likely be my favorite. The cool-toned color works perfectly to sculpt my cheeks, adding a beautiful highlight with a nicely buildable color.

Overall Thoughts on Glow Sculpt

Having tried most of Saie’s other products in the past, I knew going in that the brand knows how to bring luminosity into the skin. In my mind, its formulas always excelled in their ability to give skin a healthy glow without ever making it look like a disco ball—they simply make it look like a more naturally-glowy version of itself.

As someone with more subtle cheekbones (a nice way of saying I really don’t have them at all), the intent behind Glow Sculpt really appealed to me. A pop of color plus the appearance of cheekbones? It seemed too good to be true. But—as you can tell from the photos—it delivers on that promise and then some.

When wearing Saie Sculpt, my barely-noticeable cheekbones really pop. The product adds radiance and color without ever looking too shiny or done up, and its creamy texture melts beautifully into the skin. I did find that certain shades were more pigmented than others on my skin, with Bronzeglow, Peachglow, and Mauveglow providing the most color payoff. However, if you’re looking for a highlighter with just the slightest hint of color, Quartzglow and Pinkglow are great options.

All to say, Saie has done it again, bringing a glowing product to the market that everyone will be talking about. It's the product of my dreams, indeed.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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