Saint Jane’s New Petal Cream Is My Secret To Silky, Hydrated Skin This Summer

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A good summer moisturizer is hard to find. My heavy, thick winter creams go on sabbatical until mid-fall, and I turn to an arsenal of lightweight gel formulas that promise refreshing hydration. The only problem with the latter? A lot of gel formulas don’t play well with others. So when I apply serums before I moisturize with a gel, and dab on my foundation as the third layer, I often experience pilling. Which is where Saint Jane’s new Hydrating Petal Cream comes in to save the day.

saint jane petal cream
Saint Jane Hydrating Petal Cream — $68.00
“A powerful but lightweight moisturizer is something I was personally missing from my own skin-care routine, and the light bulb just went on. I immediately started working on the formula inspired by the delicate way flowers maintain their beauty through hydration” – Casey Georgeson, founder of Saint Jane

The first time I applied the moisturizer, it felt light, almost like a serum, and absorbed fairly quickly, leaving behind a dewy finish that made my skin feel silky, petal-soft, and hydrated all day long. If I had to compare, I’d say it’s most similar to Tatcha’s Water Cream moisturizer, but even lighter and airier. The next day, I applied the Petal Cream underneath a layer of skin tint, concealer, and setting powder, just to see what would happen when the moisturizer meets my other products. The results? Aside from no pilling (hooray!), I found that the Petal Cream had an enhancing effect, making my skin look clearer and brighter, with a natural sheen that meant I didn’t have to use any highlighter that day.

When talking about the formula with the founder of Saint Jane, Casey Georgeson, she tells Well+Good that she was truly inspired by flowers: "Hydration is as essential for a flower as it is for our skin, so I wanted to mimic how flowers and hydration work together." She also explains that balance is key, saying, "Too much hydration and a flower droops, too little and it dehydrates—so it's about that intrinsic balance flowers and hydration have. Striking that perfect balance between moisture and the featherweight texture of the cream became the holy grail for me." Georgeson adds that it took her over a year to find this sweet spot and get the formula just right.

As someone with combo skin who lives in one of Los Angeles’s dry valleys, I’m pretty picky with my moisturizers. It's tricky finding a formula that’s just light enough, yet provides hydration without feeling too heavy. Saint Jane pulls off the perfect consistency and efficacy with its formula, which contains 1 percent pure hyaluronic acid (this helps retain hydration and skin elasticity), vitamin C (a skin brightener and collagen producer), and 10 flower essences with soothing properties (including hibiscus tea peptides, pink lotus, mimosa, honeysuckle, and rosemary, with frangipani as a light fragrance).

The cream also includes 500mg of THC-free CBD (the total amount in the bottle, not per application). Studies have shown that cannabidiol (aka, CBD) can help with inflammation, such as blemishes and acne.

And if you prefer a simple skin-care routine, you'll be happy to know that you can use SJ’s Petal Cream as both a day and night cream. While the brand recommends pairing it with their Beauty Serum, I'm going to be honest with you: I generally just use it solo—which the founder herself signs off on. Georgeson says, "The formula is dense with floral nutrients and hydration boosters like 1 percent pure hyaluronic acid, so if you only use Petal Cream in your routine, your skin will be hydrated and nourished—all day and all night."

Even with the A/C on full blast, I still wake up with supple skin that looks clearer and more revitalized. That’s my kind of good morning.

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