Salma Hayek Says It’s No Accident That She Sleeps Like a Baby—Here’s Her Secret

Photo: Instagram/@salmahayek
Salma Hayek may be 50 years old, but there is no physical evidence of that whatsoever. The star—you know, of Frida fame—is a walking example of what it means to appear ageless.

While countless celebs list their go-to skin-care serums and fave fitness regimens that make up their stay-glowy wellness game, Hayek reveals another habit that's key to her overall health: sleeping.

"I have lots of tricks to sleep well," Hayek said at an intimate gathering today celebrating her new collab (a line of multitasking smoothies-slash-face masks!) with Juice Generation called BIY (Blend It Yourself), which she co-created with long-time friend Eric Helms, founder and CEO of the smoothie chain.

Her secret? Drinking calcium and magnesium (besides using breathing techniques she's learned from her mother).

"I do drink this calcium magnesium drink," said Hayek. "It helps me. It also helps you go to the bathroom." Clearly she's hip to the wide range of benefits that come from magnesium, whose superpowers include everything from reducing stress to regulating your body's internal clock (which helps you sleep like a baby). And calcium is also reputed to help people catch zzz's (which is why your mom may have given you a glass of milk before bed when you were little).

"You sleep well and you *hrrm* well," she said, as a polite (and hilarious) way of stating the TMI perk of the supplement. Hey, staying regular is part of being healthy, too.

It's true—just ask Gil Jacobs, the colonics guru who has, ahem, cleaned himself out over 1,000 times (and says it's saved his life). And here's how to boost your gut health without probiotics

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