Orders for This Avocado Dish Are Up 244 Percent—and It’s Dietitian-Approved

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In the wellness world, avocado is queen bee—and our love of the healthy fruit hasn't dimmed at all during the pandemic. According to new stats from food delivery service Grubhub, orders for several avocado dishes are way up right now, compared to this time last year. (Although to be fair, the fact that eating out isn't exactly an option for everyone probably has something to do with that.)

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According to the company's data, avocado toast orders are up 164 percent and chicken avocado melt orders are up 188 percent. But that's nothing compared to another avo-dish, which is up a whopping 244 percent: salmon avocado sushi rolls.

If salmon avocado rolls have been a go-to meal delivery order for you during the pandemic, just know that registered dietitians are right there with you. "My go-to sushi order is a salmon, avocado, and cucumber brown rice roll," Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD said in a recent episode of You Versus Food. Beckerman said she opts for brown rice over white because it has B vitamins, fiber, magnesium, and is lower on the glycemic index that white rice. The salmon is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids while the avocado brings its own omega-3s to the table (along with fiber and vitamin K).

If salmon avocado rolls aren't your thing, Beckerman has a few other healthy sushi order suggestions. If you're all about sashimi, she recommends trying arctic char, which has almost as much omega-3s as salmon. Whatever filling you choose, make it a maki roll (sushi wrapped in rice and seaweed). They're a win in Beckerman's book because the seaweed is high in iron and antioxidants. (Just, as mentioned above, make it a brown rice roll.)

Check out the video below for more of Beckerman's healthy sushi picks, including what apps and dipping sauces she says will make your meal even healthier. And if salmon avocado rolls were already your go-to, you're already on a (ahem) roll.

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