6 Salt Lamps to Give Your Home a Hygge-Friendly Glow

Photo: Urban Outfitters

It's been hard to think about winter actually making its way toward us since the weather has been unseasonably warm for most of fall (thanks, global warming!). But it's getting colder by the day—like sweater, puffer jacket, and a hat cold. And with daylight saving time ending, the days feel remarkably short all of a sudden. The solution? Light!

A salt lamp, like your crystal collection, is great for aesthetic purposes, but it also might offer some healing properties—namely releasing negative ions, which are said to clear the air of pollutants.

Take a look at the luminous salt lamps below to give your home a potentially health-boosting glow.

Here are the best ways to use light in the winter and how to incorporate it into your dreamy nightstand.

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