Model Iskra Lawrence Created a Special Body Wash That Doubles as Self-Care—And Its Fragrances Are Its Superpower

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As a mom, model, and now entrepreneur, Iskra Lawrence doesn't have a lot of spare time on her hands. Between fashion shoots, caring for her baby, spreading the word of body positivity, and running her new business, Lawrence—like many of us—doesn't have a minute to spare. Those precious moments she does have at her disposal, however, are best spent in the shower.

"When I was in my postpartum, deepest, darkest times, I stopped showering," Lawrence says. She explains that in the hustle of bustle of life and caring for a newborn, motivation and self care ended up on the back-burner. It was only until she asked her husband for advice that bathing became a priority again.

"He was like, 'Why don't you just shower in the morning? I know it will help you feel clean and fresh.' And sure enough, there was something magical about five minutes in the shower where I could cleanse off how I was feeling, reset, and just get back to myself," she says.

Like so many "shower thoughts," the new body wash brand Saltair was born. Lawrence realized how important caring for her body was for her mental health—showering was her sanctuary, a way to feel comfortable in her own skin. What if showers could do that for other people, too?

"I was like, 'Imagine if we could create a product that also elevated your senses, that took you to a tropical island," Lawrence says. "If it is just a shower that you get for you, you now have a product you're excited to use, that feels great on your skin. That's what Ben [my co-founder] and I talked about—giving the everyday, super busy person some kind of escape or a little moment of luxury for them."

Saltair officially launched in February 2022 with seven luxurious body washes, all priced for just $12. Inspired by tropical getaways and far-away beaches, they're loaded with a blend of lush naturals and active ingredients that work together to actually nourish the skin. There's the tried-and-true classics you'd find on shelves in Dermstore and Sephora, like niacinamide, zinc PHA, and citric acid. But then there's the "exotic botanicals" you'd find on those far-away beaches, like mango fruit extract, cupuaçu butter, and red algae, that give your skin some R&R.

With the exception of the fragrance-free formula, each wash is also scented with evocative fragrances that take your skin (and your brain) on vacation. Lawrence notes that while some brands have begun to steer away from fragrance, it's something her and her partner wanted to lean into to round-out the sensorial experience showering should be.

"We really tried to connect the fragrances with what people would want from the skin care benefits," Lawrence says. "We thought, 'Maybe someone's going to be interested in hydration—let's make Black Tide have Brazil nut oil, which is extra nourishing and super rich.' And then we thought about brightening... it feels like it would brighten your day by the fragrance being so fruity and we put passion fruit oils in it and niacinamide and vitamin C to literally brighten your skin, too."

All of these come packaged in minimalist painted aluminum vessels that double as bathroom art. They're fully recyclable, and honestly so pretty, you won't even want to recycle them anyway. When you do finish your bottle, though, simply unscrew the plastic pump cap, toss the empty can in the recycling and screw onto a new, full bottle. Simple (and sustainable) as that. (Or, if you want, you can use a bottle as a makeshift vase—super cute.)

Photo: Saltair

They're pretty, smell amazing, and are eco-friendly, but Saltair's tour de force is its empowering, luxury feel, minus the luxury price tag. More and more brands have jumped on the body care train, proving your face isn't the only thing that deserves some TLC. Saltair proves body care is self care—and it doesn't have to be expensive or exclusive.

"I think that there has been a real push for people to embrace their bodies... Combined with people learning and being more interested in skincare and reaching for products that they know [are good for them]," Lawrence says. "It's a fun space that did need innovation. Even still when I walk down the aisles, it feels like [products] for those specific targeted skin-care ingredients or that are focused on some skin concern are very expensive and clinical. It was just time for fun, fresh brand to come out and be about more than just a price point."

Can confirm: Saltair body wash is much more than a price point (although the $12 tag certainly doesn't hurt). Turn your shower into your personal escape with the body washes below.

Stock your shower with Saltair body wash 

Santal Bloom — $12.00

Smells like: rose, jasmine petals, warm sandalwood

This restorative body wash is blended with monoi oil, cupuaçu butter, and kukui oil, to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while fading dark spots.

Island Orchid — $12.00

Smells like: tangy mandarin, sea jasmine, drift wood

Transport yourself to a tropical vacation with this hydrating body wash that’s formulated with ingredients that help quench the skin carrier, like guava and red algae.

Exotic Pulp — $12.00

Smells like: juicy orange, succulent guava, breezy musk

Refresh and energize your skin with Exotic Pulp, which features brightening agents like niacinamide, camu camu, and passion fruit oil.

Lush Greens

Smells like: palm leaves, juicy pear, sunny lily

Sea fennel, willowherb and bamboo extract work with niacinamide and zinc PHA to balance the skin and restore its texture.

Lagoona — $12.00

Smells like: fizzy bergamot, sunny grapefruit, musk

Your skin will drink this lagoon-inspired body wash up like a tall drink of water and absolutely love the feel of the coconut water and kukui oil.

Black Tide — $12.00

Smells like: sunny mandarin, white jasmine, marine accords

This hydrating wash is formulated with microalgae, andiroba and brazil nut oils that work together to cleanse the skin without ever stripping it, shower after shower.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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