This Sleek Self-Emptying Stick Vacuum Is $280 Off Right Now

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Cordless stick vacuums are lightweight, incredibly convenient, and easy to hide out of sight. But, unlike traditional vacuums that collect dust and dirt in a sealed bag, stick vacuums have to be emptied into the trash, which sends everything you just sucked up back into the air. The new Samsung Jet 90 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Home Bundle (on sale for $519, regularly $799) changes all of that with a canister that cleans itself.

On sale, the bundle allows you to buy the Jet 90 vacuum and the cleaning station for $519, $329 cheaper than the $848 you'd spend to buy both full-price. Instead of emptying the Jet 90 by hand, the cleaning station sucks all of the hair, dirt, and dust out of the canister and into a disposable vacuum bag.

Samsung's cordless stick vacuum works hard to keep my apartment clean. It lives in my storage closet on its charging stand so it's always charged when I need it to be. Because it's cordless, it has rendered my broom obsolete—I pull it out multiple times a day to clean up kitchen crumbs and cat hair. But, even on the highest setting, I find I have to do a few extra passes or pull out the crevice tool to get my shag carpet fully clean.

The battery provides 60 minutes of cleaning time and fully charges in three and a half hours. The charging stand also has a spot to charge a second battery (sold separately) so you always have a fully charged battery on hand. The digital display allows you to choose between min, mid, and max suction levels, and lets you know if there's a clog, if the spinning brush is stuck, or if the filter is missing or incorrectly assembled. Both the Jet and the cleaning station are complete with a five-layer HEPA-filtration system, trapping 99.999 percent of microdust, according to tests conducted by Samsung.

It comes with multiple brush heads and the long pipe is removable to convert the vacuum into a handheld unit. When using it as a standing vacuum, you can use the soft action brush on hard surfaces like wood or linoleum or the turbo action brush head that works well on most surfaces including carpet. When using it as a handheld, the mini motorized tool can be used for bedding and sofas. If using the combination tool (good for cleaning everything from curtains to keyboards) or the extension crevice tool (great for corners and groves) you can also use the flexible tool, which allows you to change the angle of the head you're using to get right where you need to.

Sold separately, and sadly not on sale, you can turn the Jet Stick into a mop by using the Samsung Jet Spinning Sweeper Brush ($130). You can use it either with disposable wet pads ($20) or reuseable microfiber pads ($20) to get your floors sparkling clean. This mop head has completely changed the floor-cleaning game. It gives me the ease of a Swiffer, but since I actually use soap and water, I get a clean that's on par with traditional moping sans the bucket.

I am fully in love with this thing. It's easy to use and comes with the best attachments to help me keep my home clean. I do wish the suction was a tad bit stronger, but for a stick vacuum, I think it does an amazing job.

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