This Fake SNL Commercial Gets That Leggings Can Help You Achieve Fitness *and* Hygge Goals

"They're pants, pajamas, and a napkin."
Every workout warrior is in on the versatile wardrobe wonder that is leggings—and a fake Saturday Night Live commercial just comically spread that news. Nike's new (but not real) Pro-Chiller leggings aim to keep you at the peak comfort level throughout your gym and couch-potato seshes.

The commercial describes the leggings as "soft pants" that are designed for endurance but used for "what most women actually do in them: set up shop on that couch." The Pro-Chillers promise to keep up with you wherever you go, whether that's to the highest peak or from the couch to the bed to the other side of the couch (y'know, for when you need a change of scenery amid hygge Netflix binges). Plus, as Kate McKinnon notes, the leggings can be used as "pants, pajamas, and a napkin"—essentially, they allow you to do you.

The commercial describes leggings as "soft pants" that are designed for endurance but used for "what most women actually do in them: set up shop on that couch."

So the next time you get back from Pilates class and your leggings quickly transform from workout wear to the base of your blanket-wrapped couch panini, as Aidy Bryant puts it, let. it. happen. Sure, the Pro-Chillers (and really most fashionable performance pants these days) claim to have crazy-good moisture-wicking capabilities and the perfect amount of stretch for your squats, but who says your fitness fashion can't double as your self-care uniform? Well, certainly not the women of SNL.

Check out the commercial below.

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