A Trinity of Planets Enters Retrograde This Week to Join a Fourth—Here’s How to Handle a Quadruple Retrograde

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Here come the retrogrades with zero regard for the fact that our lives are already in turmoil. We're about to experience Saturn Jupiter Venus retrograde as all three planets join Pluto this week, which has been in retrograde since April 25, and seem to be following his lead. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and that means that the theme of this quadruple retrograde is all about rebirth.

In fact, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter have been especially working together to create massive changes in our life structures, says astrologer Corina Crysler. They're going into structure now at the moment while we're rebuilding our personal (and literal) world. But that fresh start can be a good thing.

"In this retrograde season it is important to rest as it may be highly transformational and initiate many changes for renewal," says Crysler. "It is also a time to create boundaries to keep us focused on where we need to go, without the influence of others. As the leader of our path, how can we make decisions right now that keep us in the right direction to manifest the vision we want for ourselves?"

Well, knowledge is power, so be broke down what to expect from May's mass retrograding, and how to deal.

Saturn in Retrograde

Saturn’s retrograde motion in 2020 is one of the most significant; it karmically wraps up the three year transit of Saturn in his home position of Capricorn before he settles back into Aquarius for the next few years.

"This is a powerful opportunity to understand some of the karmic lessons of the last few years and to do the work to transform them into blessings," says astrologer Ambi Kavanagh of Soulstrology. "I teach that Saturn tests us during his transits but, as the cosmic headmaster, he also rewards us to the degree that we learn our lessons, past tests and create structures which he can ‘reward.’ The next few months is a wonderful opportunity to dig deep and convert those trials and tribulations into rewards from this transit."

Venus in Retrograde

Venus going retrograde in Gemini is going to shake up your love life (if you, bless, still have one). Venus is the planet of love, Gemini is the sign of communication and freedom, so communication mishaps are more likely to happen

"Being confined with your significant other or spouse for a long period of time might trigger some restlessness and a need for space," says astrologer and intuitive healer Rachel Lang. "Quarantine might have also forced you to take a hard look at your relationship and identify ways in which it can be better, or maybe you came to the conclusion it’s really over. We could see some breakups during this time."

If you’ve been single your online dating and texting might pick up during this cycle, or an ex might slide into your DMs. But overall, it’s a high-intensity time for romance and money problems, especially financial issues in your relationship being doubly intense.

"Fortunately, though, retrograde cycles are here for us to reassess and work through relationship rough spots," says Lang. "At the heart of all Venus retrograde matters is that of self-worth. We’re learning to value ourselves enough to speak up when something’s wrong, without holding back. We’re also learning to value ourselves enough to walk away when someone ghosts us or doesn’t communicate effectively."

Jupiter in Retrograde 

Jupiter’s retrograde is linked to Saturn’s backward motion, and both retrogrades take place largely in Capricorn. Jupiter is a baller planet because it’s bountiful and all about good fortune. Since Saturn has tested us in the Capricorn ruled parts of our lives, this year he's leaving a gift that is commensurate to the ‘work’ we have done in that area of our chart, says Kavanagh. Or rather Saturn is your strict mom who wants you to "be better," and Big Poppa Jupiter is going to reward us if we rise to our challenges appropriately. You just need to set up your life the best you can in the meantime.

"With Jupiter the cosmic beneficiary and gift giver transiting the same areas of our lives as Saturn, we have the opportunity for expansion and miracles after a tough few years, so we need to work carefully with this particular retrograde combination to make the most out of it and receive our cosmic dues,” says Kavanagh. "The focus for Jupiter’s retrograde should be on creating stable structures which allow for expansiveness and miracles. Ensuring that you have the strong and stable foundations upon which blessings can be received."

How to handle Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus in retrograde at once

To wit, don't resist transformation because that's what the theme of this retrograde is. And as with any retrograde cycle, self care and compassion is essential to keep your head above the waters.

Crysler recommends practices that create stillness of the mind, as any any nudges or intuitive feelings that keep coming up are trying to show you something. Dive into uncovering what they might mean by allowing them to come to your awareness. Likewise, a journaling practice would be highly beneficial; journaling 5 minutes in the morning and five minutes at night, it'll start revealing subconscious information for healing and creating a new foundation for growth. Above all, keep an open mind.

"This retrograde holds the opportunity for a metamorphosis," she says. "If you strip down the layers to reveal the true essence of who you are, what does that look like? Allow this retrograde season to show you."

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