With This New Sneakers Collab, You Can *Literally* Run on Dunkin’

Photo: W+G Creative
With the seasons changing, many people are amid spring-cleaning and decluttering binges so they can Kondo their Zen dens. But, if this minimalist-leaning activity leads you to realize that you have way more room than you originally realized, I have just the news to spark joy (and volume) into you newly pared-down sneakers collection.

Unlike more obvious kicks collabs (Lululemon x APL) and more along the lines of unexpectedly genius ones (Wes Anderson x Adidas) is the Saucony x Dunkin' Donuts runner you didn't know you wanted. And although April 1 is just around the corner, no, this is not a premature April Fool's joke. According to PopSugar, Saucony is teaming up with the coffee and doughnut mega chain for a pair of limited-edition shoes to celebrate the 2018 Boston Marathon, which takes place April 16.

The collaborative sneaker comes in the Kinvara 9 style, and it's practically brimming with coffee-shop themes—the back of the shoes feature a half doughnut, the insoles show hot and iced coffees, the Saucony logo is detailed with coffee beans, and—as you likely noticed at first glance—the shoe's sole is mood-boosting orange color, and the upper is adorned with a pink-sprinkles mixture meant to emulate the brand's iconic doughnut logo.

You can currently pre-order the $110 limited-edition shoe, and if it's any bit as popular as the brand's coffee that America runs on, you might be wise to reserve your pair sooner than later.

Other current collaborations to get your feet and mouth on, respectively, are Alexa Chung x Superga and SoulCycle x Milk Bar.

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