I Tried This Drugstore ‘Miracle’ Spray on My Itchy Scalp and Tangled Strands, and the Results Did Not Disappoint

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Ever since I was a little girl, detangler has been a part of my hair-care routine. One of my core memories from childhood is coming home from a swim meet, taking a shower, and having my mom spritz my then-baby-blonde strands with a sunflower-scented detangler that came in a brown bottle with a sunflower logo and script font.

Once that detangler disappeared from the scene, my mom, sister, and I had a love affair with John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Leave-In Conditioner, and eventually, I became a beauty writer and started switching formulas on a near-weekly basis. Nowadays, I have a few tried-and-trues that I always keep in stock, one of which is the It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Spray ($26). Because of this, I was all too excited when I caught word of the brand’s latest launch: the It’s A 10 Scalp Restore Miracle Calming Spray ($26).

The It’s A 10 Scalp Restore Miracle Calming Spray comes in a bottle similarly shaped to the regular Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, only instead of a classic spray top, it has a nozzle to more easily target the scalp. It’s also a bit smaller, coming in at just four ounces. But let me tell you, those four ounces are packed with ample scalp-soothing, strand-smoothing, hair-detangling power thanks to a formula brimming with comforting seascalp, purifying scalposine, soothing rosemary leaf extract, and gently hydrating sunflower extract.

According to the brand, this post-shower, leave-in newbie is meant to cool, calm, and rebalance the scalp, curbing oil production, itchiness, and flaking in the process. What’s more, it’s designed to condition and detangle strands from scalps to ends, enhance shine, and boost hair health overall. Sounds too good to be true, no? I put it to the test to find out.

What happened when I tried it

To determine just how soothing the It’s A 10 Scalp Restore Miracle Calming Spray is, I put it to the test following three scalp-inflaming instances. First, I tried it on just-washed hair following three days of dry shampoo use. (Heavy dry shampoo use always makes my scalp itch a bit more.) Then, I used it to revive my scalp after an hour-long pool swim. (Chlorine is drying, not to mention a surefire way to tangle my tresses, so I figured it’d help.) Lastly, I spritzed it in my strands after a sun-drenched boat day, in which my scalp definitely felt a bit parched (despite wearing scalp SPF and a sun hat most of the time.)

In every scenario, the It’s A 10 Scalp Restore Miracle Calming Spray lived up to its name—and smelled so incredibly good in the process.

The rosemary-peppermint scented spray worked wonders to condition my strands well enough that just a few spritzes allowed my Wet Brush to pass through my long hair with ease. I also really liked the cooling sensation it provided on my scalp and the invigorating aroma it left in its tracks.

While I was at it, I also tried the It’s A 10 Miracle Scalp Serum ($32), another new launch from the brand. Unlike the spray, this serum is meant to be massaged into the scalp and fully rinsed out. It doesn’t say how long to leave it in, but I found that even just a few minutes left my scalp feeling cool and calm, almost as if I were getting a professional treatment at a spa. That said, I didn’t notice any major benefits post-use when it came to how my hair looked once dry.

As much as I enjoyed the sensation of the Scalp Serum, there’s no question which product I’ll be using regularly. The It’s A 10 Scalp Restore Miracle Calming Spray left my hair and scalp feeling invigorated and itch-free, and it even seemed to add a touch of volume. Now, I’m excited to see how it affects oil production long term, as that’s one benefit that requires more than a few tries to determine effectiveness.

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