3 Scalp Sprays That Have Made Their Way Into My Low-Maintenance Summer Hair-Care Rotation

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Doing my hair is my least favorite activity. So this summer, I'm giving myself a break and wearing box braids. The braids mean my hair is styled from the moment I wake up, but, I still have to work to keep my it and scalp nourished. In an effort to keep my routine as low-maintenance as possible, I've been reaching for nourishing scalp sprays. They're scalp serums that spray on, making them easy to apply while drenching my scalp and strands in moisturizing, strengthening ingredients so I can keep my hair healthy.

"The scalp is the foundation for long, healthy, luscious, hair, and using a serum that helps to nourish the scalp can make all the difference," says Michele Green, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City.

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Although I've been testing these scalp sprays while my hair is in braids, these are products that can be used on all different styles so long as you don't mind your hair getting a bit wet. If you're wearing your hair straight and are worried about texture reverting when wet, apply the spray to your scalp at night and then tie your hair down with a scarf. "This will ensure the hair won’t swell when trying to revert back due to it being compressed by the scarf, leaving your roots nice and straight," hairstylist Gabrielle Henderson previously told Well+Good.

When looking for the best scalp sprays to incorporate into my routine, I wanted one that strengthens, one that nourishes, and one that cleanses. I've scoped out the options and found three that I now can't live without that you can shop below.

3 scalp sprays to strengthen, nourish, and cleanse your scalp

Nioxin, Ultimate Power Serum — $50.00

In 2018, scientists discovered that your hair follicles have a sense of smell and the smell of sandalwood helps them to anchor into the scalp while increasing their growth phase, leading to longer, stronger strands. So Nioxin partnered with those researchers and put sandalore, a synthetic version of sandalwood, into this power serum. Although my braids aren’t tight, I love using a product that allows my hair to anchor into my scalp, reducing shedding and any tension-related damage.

Uzima, Usawa Fermented Rice Essence — $45.00

I reach for this mist that nourishes and moisturizes your scalp and strands all. the. time. It’s rich in antioxidants to protect the scalp while rehydrating dry skin, maintaining the scalp microbiome, alleviating itchiness, soothing irritated skin, and strengthening hair roots. For the strands, it improves manageability, maintains moisture, smoothes, detangles, fortifies hair strands, nourishes, hydrates, and restores shine. It smells light and refreshing and feels so so good on my scalp.

Sunday II Sunday Root Refresh — $31.00

I can’t just go and wash my hair every time I sweat. So when my scalp is in need of a cleansing refesh, I reach for this spray from Sunday II Sunday. It’s a dry shampoo alternative that cleans your scalp with micellar water, which attaches to dirt and sweat and removes them from the scalp, plus apple cider vinegar to lower scalp pH, which minimizes bacterial growth. Plus, it has super-moisturizing glycerin. In all, it leaves my scalp feeling clean and cared for.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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