The 4 Lifestyle Shifts That Transform Scarlett Johansson Into a Superhero

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If you're wondering how Scarlett Johansson transformed into a full-on superhero for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film, let's just say she has a handful of tricks up her spandex sleeve that help her reach Black Widow status.

According to celebrity trainer Bobby Strom—who helped the actress prepare for Iron Man 2 and The Avengers—transforming into a total badass requires making some important lifestyle changes, like a diet shift and an amped-up workout schedule. Inclusive of those methods, here's how Johansson turned into a crime-fighting machine, according to Strom.

4 ways Scarlett Johansson transforms into a superhero that you can totally copy.

1. She circuit trains

It might be time to give circuit training another shot. Strom told PopSugar that during several 90-minute sessions a week, Johansson uses everything from TRX cables and resistance bands to dumbbells in order to burn fat and build strength. But don't ignore cardio, which Strom says is important since it's an easy way to increase your heart rate.

2. She adheres to a mostly vegan diet

So long, meat, dairy, and eggs. According to Strom, Johansson's superhero diet is "mostly vegan." Her several small meals a day include oatmeal, fruit and veggies, salad, and lean protein. (Hello, tofu, tempeh, lentils, and seitan!)

3. She uses combative training to work on her strength

While circuit training helps get Johansson in shape, she also incorporates combative training—like mixed martial arts—to build muscle strength and flexibility for stunt work. Yeah, once again, she's a badass.

4. She focuses on moderation

Just because she's training hard and eating a healthy diet doesn't mean the actress abstains completely from dessert. Johansson told E! News she's all for moderation, so if she wants a treat, she's eatin' it. "When you're that disciplined, the 'cheat meal' doesn't really exist. You're sort of like, 'I earned this piece of chocolate cake—I'm going to go for it.' You don't even think about it," she says. Words to live by, right?

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