6 Easy Ways to Jazz up Scrambled Eggs—America’s Favorite Breakfast Food

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Scrambled eggs are the laziest source of morning protein. Even if you have only have, like, five minutes to cook yourself up a homemade meal, you can get a scramble on the table—with time to spare. Perhaps that's why a recent survey from YouGov (a global public opinion data company) indicates that the snappy cooking method is America's preferred way to enjoy their eggs. The basic scrambled eggs recipes can get monotonous, but we know how to kick 'em up a notch.

For the sake of keeping favorites favorites, we've found out-of-the box ways to spice up the energy-packed meal so egg fatigue will never (ever!) strike your tastebuds. After consulting Well+Good readers, via Cook With Us, we've identified six new scrambled eggs recipes to add some pizzaz to your morning meal. Whether you love sweet, savory, or spicy, your eggs just got fancy (without the sink full of dirty dishes).

6 scrambled eggs recipes that are anything but boring

1. add some fibrous quinoa

One member of Well+Good's foodie community recommends scrambling your eggs, then tossing in 1/2 cup of quinoa, spinach, and a scoop of salsa to top it all off. ICYMI, quinoa is packed with fiber to help you feel satiated longer, so your eggs will keep you full well into the afternoon.

2. Treat your Scrambled eggs like pasta and add pesto

"I'm a big fan of swirling in some pesto at the very end of cooking to give it some extra flavor," writes Jessie Van Amburg, Well+Good's senior food and health editor, in the group. Other pasta toppings, like tomato sauce, would step up the egg dish, too.

3. Make it a breakfast taco

One reader stuffs her scrambled eggs in a taco shell with all the fixin's. If you add a few slivers of avocado, you'll be ticking off a good amount of your healthy fat needs for the day.


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4. Make it sweet with (no, really) banana eggs

Please allow me to stand up on my soap box and tell you how great banana eggs are. Simply crack two eggs into one smushed banana and go about your usual scrambling, and voila, you'll wind up with a sweet, sweet breakfast that tastes good with almond butter, syrup, or your choice of berries.

5. Drizzle EVOO on top for brain-boosting fats

"These oils are loaded with anti-aging nutrients like omega-3’s and vitamin E. Extra-virgin olive oil is also rich in monounsaturated fat, a kind of fat that is good for the heart as well as for the brain," Lisa Mosconi, PhD, neuroscientist and author of Brain Food: The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power, previously told Well+Good. One genius Cook With Us member tops her eggs off with goat cheese and EVOO for a little dose of brilliance in the a.m.


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EGGY OATS || ? || Bowl shaped Monday Motivation ??Savoury oats are a game changer. Oats + eggs = ?? Overnight soaked @rudehealth 5 seedy oats (or could pour boiling water over & wait until all absorbed) - drain & heat in small pan with some @rudehealth almond milk. Then crack in two eggs & stir as you would scrambled eggs. It's that simple. Place in bowl & top with @wholeearthfoods new smooooth Almond Butter plus a few black sesame seeds because well why not... Proteins, fats & carbs ? #mondaymotivation #motivate #keepitsimple #overnightoats #savouryoats #eggyoats #protein #fats #carbs #porridge #goodmoodfood #nourish #homemade #fresh #wholefood #fuel #bowlfood #rudehealth #rudefood #wholeearthfoods #almondmilk #almondbutter #balance

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6. For even more protein, try eggy oats

Great news: you never have to choose between your favorite oatmeal and scrambled eggs recipes again. The two are coming together in a piping hot meal with protein galore. So grab your spoon and dig into this oat-scramble, of sorts.

Any way you cook 'em, eggs are excellent for you:

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Looking for warm breakfasts that aren't oatmeal. Coming right up. And if you're wondering what Shailene Woodley eats in the a.m., here's your answer

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