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The Scripting Manifestation Technique Lets You Literally Draw Up Your Dream Life—Here’s How To Practice It in 4 Steps

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When it comes to mindfulness practices like manifestation, many folks who don't enjoy an expansive attention span may struggle. Instead of focusing on visualizing what we want to achieve, our wandering minds may get lost in thought over looming deadlines or what to make for dinner or any other number of daily to-dos. But this doesn't mean there are no mindfulness tools available to you. Enter: the scripting manifestation technique.

Scripting is a manifestation exercise alternative to visualization that's ideal for folks who just can’t seem to engage our mind’s eye. It's a component of the Law of Attraction that entails writing (literally, scripting) out the life you want, as if it already in the works, using the present tense.

According to mindset and manifestation coach Laura Herde, this method emerged as an offshoot of the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) approach from the 1970s that encouraged individuals to visualize their futures using all five senses. “The basic NLP premise is that our communication through words and actions reflects a subconscious perception of our world and ultimately determines what’s possible for us to attain, achieve, and attract,” she says.

“You are essentially changing an event’s timeline through your words and the vibration you are sending out whilst doing so.” —Laura Herde, manifestation coach

Using the power of “future pacing,” or simply imagining yourself in the future, the scripting manifestation technique brings a specific goal into your current reality using written words. “You are essentially changing an event’s timeline through your words and the vibration you are sending out whilst doing so,” Herde adds.

So, why scripting? For starters, it’s an alternative means of manifestation for those who struggle with visualization or guided meditation. Plus, it channels your creative energy in an ultra-specific way. “Scripting helps you fully feel into the emotions and energy of what you want, which makes it super powerful,” says Herde.“It allows you to explore your desires in detail and helps you to get really clear about what you want to manifest.”

So, how do you get started? First, grab a writing utensil and paper, or computer, or even just open the Notes app in your phone. Then, follow these simple steps to start your scripting journey.

How to practice the scripting manifestation technique in 4 simple steps

1. Write in the present tense

While it may be tempting to write in the future, your script will be more powerful if written in the present. “The key is focusing on the emotions of how your desired reality makes you feel and using your creativity to write or talk about the desired outcome and what it's like to have it,” says Herde.

Pro-tip: Using sentence constructions like “I am…” or “I feel…” can help you stay present.

2. Believe in your story

As is the case with most manifestation techniques, scripting won’t work if you don’t believe in your story. When writing down exactly what you want to achieve, lean into the process to help make it feel all the more real.

“The premise of this exercise is intentionally and creatively stepping into the frequency, or energy surrounding your desired reality,” says Herde. “The more you can feel into the practice, the better. This means you are tapping into the energy of alignment.”

Lean into the details, even the little ones: What emotions did you feel when you finally landed that promotion? What shade of blue was the ocean on that dream vacay? Visualizing even the tiniest features can help it feel all the more real.

3. Avoid coming from a place of need and attachment

Juliette Kristine, a manifestation coach based in Australia, always advises her clients and students to focus on their energy before scripting or using any other methods of manifestation so that when they’re putting their intentions out into the universe, it’s not coming from a place of need.

“You cannot be in need of something and have it show up in your experience,” she says. “That very ‘need’ actually creates a sense of lack within you, which defies the Law of Attraction.”

Instead, Kristine recommends her students work to first find happiness, peace, and gratitude within themselves. “Doing this will help scripting work properly, because it will enhance the good feelings already within them.”

4. Keep a record to refer to past manifestations

Saving your scripts so you can go back and reference them is a great way to continue setting and resetting your intentions. An easy way to ensure this is through consistent practice. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, having a set schedule to sit down and script is not only transformative, but it also gives you a clear record to see how you’ve grown and what you’ve achieved. As Herde says: “Keep track of [your scripts] and keep reminding yourself of the potential reality that is available to you.”

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