The Scripting Manifestation Technique Literally Lets You Draw Up Your Dream Life—Here’s How To Practice It in 4 Steps

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When it comes to mindfulness practices like manifestation, many folks who don't enjoy an expansive attention span may struggle. Instead of focusing on visualizing what we want to achieve, our wandering minds may get lost in thought over looming deadlines or what to make for dinner, or any other number of daily to-dos. But this doesn't mean there are no mindfulness tools available to you. Enter: the scripting manifestation technique.

Experts In This Article

Scripting is a powerful yet often overlooked manifestation tool. Though it's considered woo-woo, there's a very grounded and practical theory behind it. According to mindset and manifestation coach Laura Herde, this method emerged as an offshoot of the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) approach from the 1970s that encouraged individuals to visualize their futures using all five senses. "The basic NLP premise is that our communication through words and actions reflects a subconscious perception of our world and ultimately determines what's possible for us to attain, achieve, and attract," she says.

What is script manifestation? How does it work?

The idea behind scripting is that you write your goals and intentions as though you've already achieved them. These words activate key parts of our subconscious brain, making it believe there are many more possibilities out there for us to attain, and so, in turn, it influences our actions to become more positive rather than self-sabotaging, says Charlotte Kirsten, BACP, trauma psychotherapist, manifestation expert, and founder of Typically Topical.

Scripting manifestation is a tool you can use to make your goals into reality by writing about your goals as if they have been maintained already. "One of the reasons this is so powerful is that you create more clarity around your goals in your visualizations, and details that were fuzzy can become more clear as you write them on paper," says Kimberly Snyder, spiritual and meditation teacher and author of You Are More Than You Think You Are. "Manifestation isn't woo; it's a process of working with your will to guide and direct energy. It's moving past limiting thoughts and listening to inner guidance, as your intuition is connected to the whole."

It's not just about endless writing and making lists. It's about the feeling it conjures up as you're writing it. The stronger the emotion, be that joy, happiness, power, or excitement, the more effective scripting becomes, according to Kirsten.

How Scripting Manifestation Uses the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption

Script manifestation is a unique way to manifest by assuming your desires have come true and writing from that perspective. Manifestation uses the Law of Attraction, which is believed to be activated by the magnetic power of emotions and accelerated by belief and certainty, says Jay Cavanaugh, OD, manifestation and spirituality coach. This works by journaling in the present tense, which ignites feelings fed by belief and certainty as opposed to feelings of lack and separation.

Dr. Cavanaugh explains that scripting is one of the most powerful ways to put the Law of Attraction into motion. While there will always be skeptics (just like with learning how to read palms and other practices that can add value to your life), the stories about successful scripting manifestation don’t disappoint.

"One of the most simple, popular, and successful scripting manifestation stories I've ever heard was from comedian Jim Carrey," says Dr. Cavanaugh. "He wrote a check to himself for $10,000,000 and eventually manifested a real check of the same amount when he landed the lead role in the movie Dumb and Dumber. The note at the bottom of the check read, acting services rendered."

Despite what many believe, scripting manifestation actually works better with the Law of Assumption rather than the Law of Attraction; the idea with the Law of Assumption being you've already successfully reached your goal, and so, therefore, there's an expectation it was yours a long time ago. The Law of Attraction implies there's a lack or deficit in your life; hence you're trying to attract it to fill that void, Kirsten explains.

How do you use scripting to manifest your dream life?

Using the power of "future pacing," or imagining yourself in the future, the scripting manifestation technique brings a specific goal into your current reality using written words. "You are essentially changing an event's timeline through your words and the vibration you are sending out whilst doing so," Herde adds.

When you write about your goal as if it's happened, you are able to let your inner wisdom flow, eliminating the fear of failure, and it's amazing what insights can arise, Snyder shares.

The first step in using scripting to manifest your dream life is to get crystal clear on exactly what your dream life is. Activate all five senses to create such a clear picture in your mind's eye that it feels as if it's real.

The second step is to begin writing while holding this image in your mind, writing in detail about what your senses are experiencing, says Cavanaugh. Think of it like a diary entry from your future self. You can write out the same goal roughly ten times, or you can switch it up as long as the intention remains the same.

Write in detail what you would like to manifest and try to engage the five senses, too. What can you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch? Using your creativity and imagination, write down what you'd like your reality to look like, be like, and feel like. Lean into the details, even the smallest ones. What does the sand feel like on that dream vacation? What shade of blue is the water? How strong and warm is the Sun? The premise of this exercise helps you connect with the frequency you'd like to embody and attract, which puts you into 'direct alignment with your goals, says Cavanaugh.

Always write in the past tense, even if you're scripting for the day ahead. The stronger that gratitude or gratefulness feels, the quicker you'll see results in your own life, says Kirsten.

Scripting Manifestation Examples

There are different methods to use with scripting, but my favorite involves 'the emotionally charged method.' This involves writing your desire out on paper and energetically connecting with it. For example:

"I've achieved my fitness goal of running a marathon, and I'm so grateful for it! My energy feels amazing! Today was an awesome day, and everywhere I went, people were nice to me."

Here's an example of script manifesting from Cavanaugh:

"As I step into my new home, feelings of joy overwhelm me as I jump up and down like a kid on Christmas Day.

Why should I use scripting manifestation?

So, why scripting? For starters, it's an alternative means of manifestation for those who struggle with visualization or guided meditation. Plus, it channels your creative energy in an ultra-specific way. "Scripting helps you fully feel the emotions and energy of what you want, which makes it super powerful," says Hyde. "It allows you to explore your desires in detail and helps you to get really clear about what you want to manifest."

Scripting Manifestation: How to Draw Up Your Dream Life in 4 Steps

The quickest and easiest way to start a manifesting script is to buy a journal and place that journal by your bedside, according to Cavanaugh, because this is where you see it both morning and night.

So, how do you get started? First, grab a writing utensil and paper, or a computer, or even just open the Notes app on your phone (though experts recommend using paper and pen). Then, follow these simple steps to start your scripting journey.

1. Write in Past or Present Tense

While it may be tempting to write in the future, your script will be more powerful if written in the present. "The key is focusing on the emotions of how your desired reality makes you feel and using your creativity to write or talk about the desired outcome and what it's like to have it," says Herde.

Pro-tip: Using sentence constructions like "I am…" or "I feel…" can help you stay present.

2. Believe in your story

As is the case with most manifestation techniques, scripting won't work if you don't believe in your story. When writing down exactly what you want to achieve, lean into the process to help make it feel all the more real.

"The premise of this exercise is intentionally and creatively stepping into the frequency or energy surrounding your desired reality," says Herde. "The more you can feel into the practice, the better. This means you are tapping into the energy of alignment."

Lean into the details, even the little ones: What emotions did you feel when you finally landed that promotion? What shade of blue was the ocean on that dream vacation? Visualizing even the tiniest features can help it feel all the more real.

3. Avoid coming from a place of need and attachment

Juliette Kristine, a manifestation coach, based in Australia, always advises her clients and students to focus on their energy before scripting or using any other methods of manifestation so that when they're putting their intentions out into the universe, it's not coming from a place of need.

"You cannot be in need of something and have it show up in your experience," she says. "That very 'need' actually creates a sense of lack within you, which defies the Law of Attraction."

Instead, Kristine recommends her students work to first find happiness, peace, and gratitude within themselves. "Doing this will help scripting work properly because it will enhance the good feelings already within them."

4. Keep a record to refer to past manifestations

Saving your scripts so you can go back and reference them is a great way to continue setting and resetting your intentions. An easy way to ensure this is through consistent practice. Whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, having a set schedule to sit down and script is not only transformative, but it also gives you a clear record to see how you've grown and what you've achieved. As Herde says: "Keep track of [your scripts] and keep reminding yourself of the potential reality that is available to you."

Other Ways To Manifest

There are definitely a lot of ways to manifest outside of this specific style. Not only are the options of what you can manifest fairly open-ended, but so are the styles. Imagining yourself running a marathon every night before bed is an example of using visualization to achieve your fitness goals. Some people track your period to manifest your dreams via their cycle. The opportunities, much like the goal of manifesting, are abundant.

Script Manifesting FAQs

What kinds of things can you script manifest?

Scripting can be used to manifest small things such as designer clothes, weekend trips, a free meal to bigger things such as a new house, a luxury vacation, or huge amounts of money.

How do I manifest a partner?

Manifesting a partner or significant other is the same exact process, but have even more fun with it. Script about the dates you go on, what you ate, and how that good night kiss at the end of the night felt on your lips, says Cavanaugh.

To manifest a partner using scripting, Kirsten says that you'll want to focus on the qualities and traits you would like this person to have, but this isn't a checklist for vanity reasons. It's about the kind of life you want to live and who the ideal partner is to reach that sort of shared self-actualization. If you say, 'I need him/her to have blonde hair and blue eyes, ask yourself why.

"Is this trait truly going to serve you, or is it an ego trip? Are you seeking this in your partner so that they can fulfill a void that you have? Get super clear on what you want to attract and why. As you're scripting, play out scenarios with this person in your head too. What does your ideal date look like? What does your communication look like? Do you have kids or not? How do you treat each other?," she inquires.

Is there a wrong way to manifest?

Although there are not a ton of objectively wrong ways to manifest, it's about you and your connection to the practice. It is unwise to pursue such a practice without intentional gratitude, according to Snyder.

"In this process, it's really important to feel a sense of gratitude. Gratitude for having achieved your goal. So when we are grateful, we are telling our subconscious that yes, it's possible, and I did it! It also helps your energy align to the actions you need to take in order to manifest your goal," she explains.

The same goes for your mood. Cavanuagh and Kirsten both noted that your attitude and feelings about the task are really important. If it ever becomes a chore, it's not going to work as well as a joyful approach.

Can I do scripting on my phone?

"You can, but there's much more power behind physical scripting using pen and paper. When you're physically making the hand movements, you're putting your own energy into the written word. On the phone, that connection to the written desire is completely lost and so weakens the effect," says Kirsten.

Are there limits to what I can manifest?

At the end of the day, the point of script manifestation is to imagine a reality where the thing you want most already exists. This means that the limits only exist within you, and the reason for such a practice is to push back on limiting thoughts or beliefs, according to Kirsten. It's true that then your limits could be related to your values or desires. Manifesting unethical things isn't good for you, and if it's against your values, you may not want the results. Additionally, these experts stress that you may not get exactly what you wished for, or your manifestation may play out differently than how you imagined, but this doesn't mean you failed.

Can you script manifest the same thing every day?

The experts agree: you should script as many times as possible; the more, the better. Try to aim for at least once a day until the goal manifests. You can manifest as many goals as you wish in each session; just stick to one goal at a time. Don't write one line about one goal and then divert to another.

Kirsten explains that many people will tell you that you need to write your goal or desire out 100 times or more for it to be effective, but this isn't strictly true. "The moment you feel tired of writing or feel it's becoming a chore, stop immediately; you're starting to lose that high vibrational energy that makes you become a magnet to your desires," says Kirsten.

Be sure to script manifest the same core desire every day while differing in the story, angle, or sensory focus you choose to write about. Reward yourself after a scripting session with a warm tea or another creature's comfort if you want to turn this into a daily habit, according to Cavanaugh.

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