The 5 Self-Care Essentials This Massage Guru Relies On

Photo: Courtesy Gara Post

No matter how crazy Gara Post’s calendar may get, there’s one thing that’s non-negotiable: her bulletproof self-care routine.

“If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others—it sounds cliché, but it’s true,” says Post, co-founder of The Now, the Los Angeles-based studio chain that is democratizing massage, with sessions in super-chic spaces starting at $35. “Running a business requires a lot of energy and stamina, and you have to be mentally and physically prepared to deal with wherever the day takes you.”

For Post, that usually means zipping back and forth between The Now’s two locations in Los Angeles, one in West Hollywood and the newest in Santa Monica. And although she spends plenty of time on her studios’ massage tables—hey, someone’s got to handle quality control—the bulk of her own self-care takes place at home.

Along with working out and meditating for at least 20 minutes a day, Post is a big fan of DIY treatments like dry brushing and steam showers. She doesn’t look at her nourishing beauty routine as a luxury; rather, she considers it a tool for leveling-up her career and relationships. “Self-care has been shown to improve your performance, and all the studies indicate the long-term benefits,” she says. “It’s not an indulgence; it’s a way of life.” No wonder she’s found her niche in the business of relaxation.

Keep scrolling to discover the five natural beauty products that The Now co-founder Gara Post keeps in her self-care arsenal.

Native Atlas Toning Mist
Photo: Native Atlas

1. Native Atlas Antioxidant Toner, $52

I wash my face in the morning and then do a spritz of this Native Atlas mist, often reapplying throughout the day. It’s great in a dry climate or for traveling.

Photo: Naturopathica
Photo: Naturopathica

2. Naturopathica Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes, $36

My wellness "go-to" these days is a combination of my favorite things: muscle relief and a relaxing bath to de-stress. (Even while decompressing, I am multi-tasking!) These magnesium bath flakes are amazing for soothing taxed muscles and joints.

Bel Mondo Fresh Eyes
Photo: Bel Mondo

3. Bel Mondo Fresh Eyes Revitalizing Eye Mask, $30 (box of six)

Once or twice a week, I incorporate an eye mask. My favorites are from Bel Mondo—we also use them as an add-on during massages at The Now.

Jiva Apoha Thunderbird
Photo: Jiva Apoha

4. Jiva Apoha Thunderbird Body Oil, $70-$150

I love Jiva Apoha oils, but especially Thunderbird—a pure essential body oil that makes me feel transported immediately out of the city with notes of juniper and white sage.

Henne Organics Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator
Photo: Henne Organics

5. Henné Organics Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator, $24

This is the most moisturizing lip exfoliator I've found. It's pure luxury—and also all-natural.

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