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If You’re a Hot Sleeper, These Self-Cooling Pillows Were Made for You

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Hot sleepers—at some point or another, you've certainly experienced the woes of trying to sleep on a hot, stuffy pillow. You know the drill: You lay down to get a good night's sleep only to feel your face get flushed and waaay too hot, leaving you to flip to the cool side of the pillow. That side works for maybe seven seconds, until the same thing happens—hot face, sticky cheeks, damp forehead. So you flip again. Then again. And again...

Long story short, sleeping on hot pillows can be a nightmare for a dreamy night of rest. While breezy sheets and fans can provide some relief, the wrong pillows can cause us to toss and turn instead of slipping off into an easy slumber.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Considering how universal the hot pillow struggle seems to be, a number of brands now make luxurious self-cooling pillows that stave off the night sweats. Premier bedding companies, like Sealy, Therapedic, and Bedgear all sell self-cooling pillows that trade in dense, hot materials for cooler, breathable fabrics. That way, you can skip the flip and snooze soundly (and cooly!) night after night.

Forget the flip with these 7 self-cooling pillows that'll keep you comfy all night long


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1. Climarest 233 Thread Count Cooling Pillow

This plush pillow is filled with a temperature regulating fill that's designed to keep the night sweats at bay. Its case also features a "phase change" material that will stay cold and crisp as your body temperature fluctuates throughout the night, keeping you cool no matter what. Available in four sizes: standard, queen, king, and jumbo.

2. Bedgear Performance Cooling Pillow

A bit pricier than other pillows, Bedgear's chilly model features cooling technologies that are made to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It's not too cushy and not too firm, making it supportive enough for all types of sleepers, and breathable enough that you'll never get sticky or sweaty.

3. Fabrictech Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

For fans of memory foam, skip a hot night's sleep and invest in Fabritech's cooling pillow instead. While some memory foam can be stuffy and dense, Fabritech's model is light, maximizing airflow while maintaining all the necessary shape and support you need for a solid slumber. Available in standard or queen sizes.

4. Tommy Bahama Cooling Nights Hypoallergenic Pillow

This cozy pillow is constructed of a cotton-nylon blend that wicks away moisture while you sleep, ensuring you stay cool and collected. It's filled with polyester, making it a hypoallergenic alternative to down, and features a two-inch gusseted sidewall that's ideal for side and back sleepers. Available in standard and king sizes.

5. Therapedic Polar Nights 20x Cooling Memory Foam Bed Pillow

The name of this affordable pillow alone should let you know it's hardcore about keeping you cool. It's powered by the brand's proprietary, pressure-activated Reactex technology, which pulls away body heat and releases cooling energy instead. All in all, it's high-tech to keep your body temperature low as you sleep. Available in two sizes: standard/queen and king.

6. Cariloha Viscose Bamboo Charcoal Cooling Foam Bed Pillow

This medium support pillow is constructed of ultra-breathable bamboo charcoal memory foam that provides great temperature control throughout the night. The cooling mesh side is perforated to allow for airflow, while its shape and texture make it suitable for even the fussiest sleepers. Available in both standard/queen and king sizes.

7. Sealy DuoChill Cooling Memory Foam Standard Bed Pillow

Sealy's DuoChill memory foam pillows take cool to the next level, featuring two different chilling technologies on either side: surface-cooling fabric on one side, and a cool-to-touch gel on the other for double the comfort. It's also moisture wicking against sweat and antimicrobial for a healthier, safer snooze.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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