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Another Day, Another Alt-Milk: What You Need to Know About Sesame Milk

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Just when you replaced your almond milk for oat, there's a new alt-milk popping up in grocery store aisles: sesame milk. (Seriously, what can't you milk?)

Chicago-based company Deliciousness just launched the world's first organic, packaged sesame milk: Hope & Sesame. There are five flavors—original, unsweetened original, chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate hazelnut—available for purchase online.

The brand maintains that a serving has just as much calcium as cow's milk (30 percent of your recommended daily value) as well as eight grams of protein (on-par with cow's milk, too). They're also hoping consumers are into the slightly nutty taste. (The chocolate hazelnut does sound like liquid Nutella, IMO...)

How does it compare to other nut milks? This sesame milk certainly wins on the protein front compared to almond and oat milks, both of which typically have about 1 gram of protein per serving. (The protein punch likely from the brand's use of "sesamein," which is second on the ingredients list and is a combo of organic sesame protein and pea protein concentrates). Sugar-wise, like other milks, this one tends to get higher once flavors are involved (up to 17 grams per serving).

Other good-for-you benefits you'll reap from sesame milk: magnesium, vitamin, E, and healthy fats. The milks are organic, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and nut-free.

In a press release, the brand said that it took them two years to get the taste, texture, and nutritional profile perfect, but now it's ready for consumers to drink up. “We continue to see tremendous growth in nondairy plant-based foods due to consumers’ dietary restrictions, changing taste preferences and desire for more nutritional choices,” CEO and co-founder Julia Stamberger said.

With all the different alt-milks popping up (seriously, camel milk?!), it can be tricky to know which one is best for you. Besides finding one that you legit thinks taste delish, the key is figuring out what nutrients are most important to you. (And making sure there isn't a ton of sugar snuck in there.) That way, it can contribute to giving your body what it needs.

You can also make your own alt-milk at home. Check out these videos showing how to make oat milk and cashew milk.

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