Since Your Lips Can’t Moisturize Themselves, Slather Them with My New Favorite Lip Oil

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Lips are helpful for a lot of things: to eat, to kiss, to yell at your dog when he digs up your squash plant that just started flowering, etc. So, an evolutionary oversight I cannot get over is that lips don't have any oil glands. Since these helpless little dweebs can't moisturize themselves, it's extra important to bring the moisture to them, which is why I have 117423 different lip balms that I can never find, so then I buy another one. (Seriously, is there some sort of vortex at the bottom of my purse that sends them to the Isle of Misfit Balms and Bobby Pins?)

Currently at the top of my lip care list is the just-launched Seven Seven Rosehip Lip Oil, $25—and not just because it hasn't been sucked into my purse vortex yet. The packaging is elegant and simple, and it makes me feel like someone who was once featured in an ITG Top Shelf and has a lemon tree in their backyard.

Seven Seven Rosehip Lip Oil — $25.00

The only ingredient in this lip oil is rosehip oil, but it glides on lips and keeps them hydrated.

Like the packaging, the ingredient list is simple: rosehip oil. "Rosehip oil was chosen to be the powerhouse ingredient for this product mainly because of its absorbing powers," says founder and CEO Emily Jimison. "It’s known for not only its hydrating powers, but offers a plethora of other benefits like boosting collagen production, reducing inflammation, and, most of all—improving texture."

Keeping the lip oil fragrance- and additive-free was very important during development, Jimison says, so the only scent is from the rosehip oil, which has a light, earthy aroma. The product has a rollerball applicator, so it glides on without making a goopy, oily mess. It can be used throughout the day, and even over lipstick. "For extra hydration, you can roll a good amount on before bed to function as a hydrating lip mask," Jimison says.

While I'd love to be able to take it with me everywhere, I am, alas, not responsible enough for that. So there it sits on my newly-decluttered bathroom countertop, a reminder every morning of the incredible strength and fragility of the human body.

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