The Nightstand Essentials To Skyrocket Each Zodiac Sign’s Sexual Pleasure, According to a Sextrologer

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Hidden on your birth chart are all sorts of ways to unlock your pleasure—check out your 8th house for some transformative tips—but targeting your sun sign alone is a great place to start. My Taurus sun sign, for example, tells the truth about my love for practical vibrators and arousal oils, but that's only a fragment of my cosmically influenced sexual story story. That's why, to find the best sex accessories for your zodiac sign, it's important to look to your entire sex horoscope.

A sex horoscope is the astrological trinity that denotes what you like in bed, and it's made up of your sun, Venus, and Mars signs. "We tend to default to our sun signs as our key identifier when it comes to all things astrology, but our Venus and Mars signs reveal who we are and what we want both romantically and sexually," says Stefanie Caponi, tarot-card reader and astrologer-in-residence for Dame Products. "Venus represents what we love, value, and look for in romance, whereas Mars represents action, anger, and how we express ourselves sexually."

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So if you're shopping with your orgasm in mind, use a birth-chart generator to find your sun, Venus, and Mars signs. And then, look to Caponi's recommendations for the best sex accessories for your zodiac sign. You might just end with a set of three toys (for your sun, Mars, and Venus sign) that the universe sanctioned for your specific pleasure.

Behold, the best sex accessories for your zodiac sign, Mars sign, and Venus sign

Aries: A leather harness

Adventurous Aries is a hyper-physical and adventurous sign in the bedroom—and that'll happen when you're a child of fiery Mars. Aries signs are also down to display their brash sexuality. "A well-made harness from Fleet ILYA or Wildwolf Leatherwork is the perfect accessory for exhibitionist Aries," says Caponi.

This Fleet ILYA harness has pockets to hold any other sexual trinkets the ram might need. If you're a vegan ram or just looking for something more wallet-friendly, this minimalist Maze I Harness by Bijoux Indiscrets ($50) should fit the bill.

Shop Now: Fleet Ilya Double-Pocket Small Harness, $490

Taurus: A multipurpose massage oil

The most sensual of the zodiac signs, Taurus needs an accessory that will help each touch be truly savored. "Sexy Serum from Java Skin is a caffeine-infused massage oil that is perfect for these sensual Earth signs," says Caponi.

Shop Now: Sexy Serum by Java Skin Care, $17

Gemini: Truth or dare cards

If you're looking to seduce a Gemini, you'll need something to keep dialogue interesting and the mind engaged. For those who find themselves tongue-tied (and not in a pleasurable way), you might want to invest in some conversation cards, like a Truth or Dare game. "These playful lovers love to be mentally and physically stimulated," says Caponi.

Shop Now: Truth or Dare, $14

Cancer: Arousal oil

Cancer just wants to feel comfortable and connected to a sexual experience. In order to feel truly at home in their bed and their body, they need something to amplify each sensation. "Arousal oil that can be used on the clitoris and nipples amplifies the experience for sensitive, touch-craving, Cancer," Caponi says.

Shop Now: Intimate Earth Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum $20

Leo: A wearable statement sex toy

"Palma makes a geometric waterproof vibrating ring that comes in Leo’s power metal, gold," says Caponi.

Another fun facet of this delightful vibrating ring? You can control the intensity with hand movements, so try angling your hands a few different ways if you really want to roar.

Shop Now: Palma Ring, $99

Virgo: A crystal dildo

Virgo tends to tense up and become overcritical, which is not an ideal mindset to take into the bedroom. Caponi suggests trying a crystal dildo to, uh, beat those worries away. "Try the Heart from Chakrubs, made from rose quartz to access self-love and healing through self-pleasure, is perfect for helping this over-analytical Earth sign relax," says Caponi.

Shop Now: Chakrub the Heart—Slim Sex Toy, $130

Libra: A couple-friendly vibrator

This Venus-ruled sign is intensely romantic and wants to at least make sure there's room for personal pleasure and a relationship alike. "A hands free vibrator, such as the Eva II from Dame Products, [is great] for Libra," says Caponi. "The sign of partnership will love a toy that can be used during partnered sex for both parties to enjoy." But the benefit of this toy is that it can be enjoyed with or without a partner.

Shop Now: Eva II, $135

Scorpio: Restraints

Many Scorpios use sex as a channel for all-encompassing connection but others definitely have a thing for power. That's where subtle restraints come in. "Easy-to-install restraints tuck discreetly under the bed when not in use, perfect for these secretive water signs," says Caponi.

Shop Now: Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System, $60

Sagittarius: A to-go bullet vibe

"A bullet or lipstick vibe is the perfect travel companion for up-for-anything, Sagittarius," Caponi says.

I highly recommend Le Wand Bullet, a top-five vibrator of mine that comes with two textured tops and a tiny little bag to take with you everywhere. Caponi also suggests that you toss in a few Rosebud Woman Intimate Cleansing Wipes ($23) for easy cleanup for impromptu romps.

Shop Now: Le Wand Bullet, $85

Capricorn: A sophisticated g-spot vibrator

"A sleek, high-tech G-spot vibrator with it’s own docking station is wonderful for a refined Capricorn, who loves to have the best of everything," Caponi says. While it only comes with your standard rechargeable wire, I can't vouch for the G-spot targeting Arc by Dame more strongly. This rumbly, squishy-headed toy is such a piece of art that you might just choose to mount it on your wall.

Shop Now: Arc by Dame, $115

Aquarius: A vibrating butt plug

"Originality and experimentation are a huge turn-on for Aquarius," says Caponi. So, she suggests playing with power dynamics by using a vibrating prostate massager or vibrating butt plug.

For those who are new to anal penetration but might enjoy the sensations of a rimming, we suggest the b-vibe Rimming Plug Petite, a small intro-to-butt-plugs butt plug. Or if you've already played in the shallow end, you might want something bolder. This Peace & Love Tie-Die Rimming Plug Set ($185) is so spot-on.

Shop Now: B-vibe Rimming Plug Petite, $145

Pisces: Sensual CBD oil

Mystical psychic empath Pisces is all about feeling in a way that goes beyond touch. Unfortunately, catching any secondhand bad vibes can rock the boat in bed, which is why they may benefit from any products that help them relax."Pisces benefits from a mood-boosting and pleasure-enhancing CBD tincture," says Caponi.

Shop Now: Damiana Lemon & CBD Oil 500 mg, $60

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