The 9 Best Inclusive Sex Education Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

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In the event that the sexual education you received in your high school classroom more closely resembled a Mean Girls punch line than the comprehensive, inclusive, and factual rundown we all deserve and deserve and need, two things: 1. You're hardly alone in your experience of being underserved by the system. And 2. You're in luck. That's because in the digital age, learning more about deep and wide world of pleasure can be as easy as scrolling Instagram thanks to all the sex educators who drop knowledge regularly on the platform.

The influx of free, readily available information that is sex-positive, pleasure-inclusive, body-inclusive, and consent- and trauma-informed is one of the great benefits of living in the digital age. Here are nine of the best accounts for you to follow now.

Scroll down for 9 sex ed accounts you should be following on Instagram.

1. @gabalexa

Think of this account as the Bisexuality 101 course you never had the opportunity to take. Bicon (ahem, bisexual icon) Gabrielle Alexa Noel, founder of Bi Girl Club, a lifestyle and apparel brand, creates content specifically for people who identify as bisexual and their supporting allies. She provides tools to fight against internalized biphobia, shares little-known bisexual history, and offers tips for experimenting.

2. @sexelducation

Get ready to learn way more here about STIs than you did in any classroom. Run by sexologist Emily Depasse, @sexelducation aims to transform the narrative around sexually transmitted infections from one of shame to one of understanding. Depasse account drops major STI #truthbombs (such as the differences and similarities between herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2), offers tips to become sexually confident after a diagnosis, and gives tips on how to respond when you find out a partner (or a potential partner) has an STI.

3. @whatswrongwithmollymargaret

With the tagline, “For when WebMD fails,” @whatswrongwithmollymargaret is run by Molly-Margaret a gay, sex-positive, dating expert. She’ll take you along with her Planned Parenthood while she gets tested for STIs, teach you how to snap nudes, give text examples to send after sexy and/or sticky situations, help you celebrate the sensuous possibilities of your existence, and more.

4. @blkgirlmanifest

Come for the inspirational quotes, stay for the intersectional, pleasure-based #sexrealness. It's run by Cameron Glover, a black femme writer-turned-sex educator who runs the kick-ass podcast and newsletter, Sex Ed In Color.

5. @june.pilote

I’d ask if your sex educators were were trans- and queer-inclusive, but considering that only a small percentage of school curriculums report offering inclusive sex education, chances are, they weren’t. Luckily, trans sex educator, June Pilote, is here answer all your Qs about top surgery, hormone replacement therapy, and how to have pleasurable, affirming sex as a non-binary and queer person.

6. @evyan.whitney 

Sexuality doula and creator of the #sensualselfiechallenge, Ev’Yan Whitney uses her Instagram account to remind people that the most important sexual relationship they’ll ever have is the one they create with themselves. With thought-provoking captions, quotes, and educational videos, she provides tools you need to nourish that relationship.

7. @Allbodieshealth

Formerly known as Cycles+Sex, Allbodies, is an online platform for reproductive and sexual health—and its Instagram account is a hotbed of health info that’s actually been reviewed by expert. From explainers on the difference between sperm and semen to post-birth vagina facts and ovulation realness, this account answers the sex Qs you never even thought to ask (but, TBH, need to know).

8. @che.che.luna 

A pioneer in sensuality, Che Che Luna uses dance, nature, massage, masturbation, and movement to guide people back to their pleasure and body. Watching her stories will lead you to snap your fingers in agreement, learn how to practice sensuality-based self care, and feel overcome by a sense of calm. Fair warning: You’ll definitely want to shimmy, shake, and twirl at times.

9. @thefatsextherapist

Created and curated by Sonalee Rashatwar, LCSW, an award-winning clinical social worker and sex therapist who specializes in treating sexual trauma and body image issues, @thefatsextherapist is an incredible resource for trauma-informed, body-positive sexual-health intel. For a better realized understanding of how diet culture and internalized fatphobia shape the public understanding of “good sex,” give her a follow ASAP.

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