The Best Sex Toy for Each Zodiac Sign to Experience Out-of-This-World Pleasure

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Whether by emulating vacation sex with a partner or sneaking away for blessed moments of quick self-pleasure, you're hardly alone if you've been getting creative with your sex routine during quarantine. But, since may of us having been sheltering in place for several months now and there's not necessarily any end in sight, it might be time to yet again try something new. So, why not consider trying the best sex toy for your zodiac sign?

Using the best sex toy for your zodiac sign means playing in a way that aligns with your unique personality traits and interests. Below, astrologer Mary Cole recommends a sex toy that’s ideal for each sign, so you can go ahead and get excited to, ahem, get excited.

Breathe new life into your pleasure routine with the best sex toy for each zodiac sign.

Aries: bondage set

If they aren’t already into BDSM, passionate, fiery Aries might consider experimenting with the form of sex play in either a dominant or submissive role. According to Cole, tying up a partner up can be super-fun and cater to a need for control. But “some Aries signs feel sexual gratification by relinquishing the control that they normally have, so it could also be fun to experiment with the sub role as well.”

Try this: beginner bondage kit ($20)

Taurus: vibrating jewelry

Given that Taurus enjoys the finer things in life, Cole says simply being lavish may help you get you off. That's why a piece of jewelry that doubles as a vibrator is perfect for a Taurus. “They'll respect the artistry in that, and it will also turn them on to know that they’re wearing something in public that can provide them with pleasure later, as it will be something to test their usually reliable patience.”

Try this: Palma by Unbound ($99) or Vesper by Crave (from $69)

Gemini: sex swing

Gemini is known for being wild in bed. “Because Geminis are always down to expand their sex lives in new and creative directions, they’re often on the hunt for toys that tickle their fancy in exciting and unique ways,” says Cole. Since it's likely these twins have already tried their fair share of toys, she assigned them a sex swing.

Try this: sex swing ($23)

Cancer: couples' vibrator or crystal dildo

“Cancers can be kind of demisexual in that they need an emotional connection to feel sexually stimulated. They’re the most caring of the bunch, so while they get off, they'll want to make sure their partner is getting off, too,” says Cole. And, nothing says mutual pleasure like a couple’s vibrator, which stimulates or engages both partners simultaneously.

If you're not in a relationship, you can get in touch with yourself and manifest the pleasure of your dreams with a crystal dildo, which comes with its own intention or healing property.

Try this: any of these couples' toys from We-Vibe (from $99) or the Heart Slim crystal dildo ($130) from Chakrubs

Leo: rabbit vibrator

“A Leo is someone who is fully confident, loves to be the center of attention, and loves to stroke their own ego, among other things,” says Cole. That’s why the perfect sex toy for a Leo would be a dual-action rabbit vibrator that stimulates the clit while it penetrates the vagina. “That way, Leo can be sure that every sensitive area is getting it's fully deserved attention.”

Try this: Sweet Vibrations' The Perfect Match ($40)

Virgo: wand vibrator

For the modest Virgos who love practicality, Cole recommends a trusty wand vibrator. “A simple, powerful, easy-to-use wand vibrator is going to be what they need to get them off,” she says. “It's a pragmatic approach to a situation in which they long to feel 'out of control' pleasure.”

Try this: Honey Birdette’s Taurus ($170), which may not be called "Virgo," but it’s an astrologically named wand vibrator that’s sure to get you off.

Libra: nipple clamps

“For a Libra, balance is absolutely everything, and that goes for their physical being as well as their emotional being,” says Cole. Enter: nipple clamps. According to Cole, they’re great for stimulating the upper body while getting busy with the lower body. You can use them during a solo sesh or with a partner.

Try this: adjustable nipple clamps ($16)

Scorpio: sensory pinwheel or blindfold

“Scorpios are the most mysterious and secretive of the signs. They’re also extremely sensual and sexually charged,” Cole says. “To turn them on, they need the element of surprise and mystery, which is why they'll love the pinwheel. It's a somewhat novel way to experiment with touch and [is fantastic] for when they want to tease and surprise themselves with a new sensation.”

If you're not a fan of sharp objects, try a blindfold. “Removing the visuals will also enhance the physical intensity for an already very sexually intense Scorpio,” Cole adds.

Try this: Wartenberg pinwheel ($6) and blindfold ($5)

Sagittarius: heated or flavored lubricant

“Heated lube is a wonderful way for Sagittarius to expand sex in a way that allows for experimentation with temperature,” says Cole. “It adds a new dimension to sex and what they’re capable of feeling.” And for the partnered Sag, using flavored lube can introduce a whole new world of taste and touch to the dynamic.

Try this: warming lube from K-Y (from $23), or any of these flavored options from Adam & Eve (from $9)

Capricorn: vibrating finger sleeve

Capricorns are hard workers all the way to the bedroom. They work for what they earn, and that’s no different when it comes to orgasms and pleasure. “They'll love a vibrating finger sleeve," says Cole. "It enhances the work that they have to do without completely eliminating it.” Furthermore, a finger sleeve is the most controllable form of a vibrator, and Capricorns relish being in control.

Try this: vibrating finger sleeve ($24)

Aquarius: rainbow-colored dildo

It’s no surprise that the quirky and adventurous Aquarius is matched with a rainbow-colored dildo. “Aquarius is fiercely independent, which is why a masturbatory toy suits them best,” says Cole. “A rainbow-colored dildo is not only a fun masturbatory toy to use alone, but it’s also a toy with a cause: You can show support for gay rights while supporting your orgasm.”

Try this: rainbow dildo ($49)

Pisces: waterproof vibrator

Pisces are dreamy water signs, who love to fantasize. “Their best sexual experience will be one in which they feel that they’re in another world,” says Cole. “A waterproof vibrator allows them to access pleasure from a warm bath or a soothing shower. It's an added element that can take them to another world while they’re pleasuring themselves.”

Try this: Satisfyer’s waterproof Purple Pleasure ($30).

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