8 Sex Toys for Different Body Parts That’ll Help You Feel Pleasure *Everywhere*

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While self-pleasure can certainly function as a straightforward matter that leads you to grab your trusty sex toy and beeline to your genital region, like most routines, this one can get stale. Sure, it may still yield orgasm, but what it likely lacks is excitement. One way to amp up that fun? Pay attention to the pleasure regions and erogenous zones worth stimulating—ones that exist around other areas of the body, to be clear. And it's easy to give these spots some dedicated, intimate TLC with sex toys for different body parts.

So, keep reading to find eight sex toys for different body parts that'll stimulate your under-loved pleasure zones. Whether you're aiming to masturbate without touching your genitals or simply want to switch things up before you dive into penetrative play, these toys are sure to help out.

8 sex toys for different body parts, so you can feel pleasure everywhere.

1. B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite, $145

Shop Now: B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite, $145

The B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite is a great option for those who are into anal oral. It offers six vibration settings, which is key for its efficacy in relaxing the sphincter during the process. Oh, and just a reminder that in comes in three different sizes.

2. Oxballs Finger Play Glove, $49

Shop Now: Oxballs Finger Play Glove, $49

The Oxballs Finger Play Glove is designed with anal play in mind. Textured for different stimulations and experiences, you can slip it on for a solo sesh, or hand it off for a partner to use on you. While you could also experiment with this toy by using it for other holes, just make sure you only address one erogenous zone at a time and clean it between sessions to avoid cross-contamination.

3. Nipple Play Advanced Nipples Suckers, $10

Shop Now: Nipple Play Advanced Nipples Suckers, $10

Let's say you really enjoy having your breasts sucked, but you can't really DIY that because, well, your neck is only so long. In that case, try these pretty nipple suckers, which you can simply pop on, leaving your hands free to really explore.

4. SVAKOM Nymph Vibrator, $99

Shop Now: SVAKOM Nymph Vibrator, $99

This multi-pronged vibrator is versatile in that it can function as a clitoral stimulator in addition to nipple play with its "fingers" that are perfect for the job.

5. JimmyJane Body Massage Stone, $25

Shop Now: JimmyJane Body Massage Stone, $25

Let's say you just want something that focuses on sensuality and all-over "mmms" and "aaahs" before you get to "Oh!" In this case, what you need is a massage stone. Luckily this curvy creation by JimmyJane ensures that no part of your (or your partner's) body isn't caressed, cradled, or kneaded. Make sure to have some massage oil ready at the nightstand!

6. Nasstoys Surenda Luxury Enhanced Oral Vibe, $46

Shop Now: Nasstoys Surenda Luxury Enhanced Oral Vibe, $46

Surenda is a vibrator that you put in your mouth. It's not necessarily for the purpose of achieving orgasm through your tongue (although more power to you if you do), but rather to enhance oral sex. But, uh, why stop there? We use our mouths for just more than going down on our partners, right? You can use this toy to attend to all the erogenous zones.

7. LELO Tantra Feather Teaser, $29

Shop Now: LELO Tantra Feather Teaser, $29

Sensation play is one of the most divine experiences to which you can treat yourself, kind of like taking the scenic route to the top of your climax. Consider the Tantra Feather Teaser the perfect sunset you witness on your journey. Given that it's super-lightweight and tickle-producing, it'll remind you that kink doesn't always have to be a matter of pain...although the coolness of the ball tip might keep things interesting while you're exploring.

8. ZALO Baby Heart Personal Massager in Melon Green, $135

Shop Now: ZALO Baby Heart Personal Massager, $135

This heart-shaped massager falls under the category of "things you can probably use down under." With its generous width and grooves, however, its unconventional shape seems more in line with an all-over body massager that can provide waves of pleasure, wherever you want to feel them. Slide it down your neck, and swerve it around your breasts. Even if you decide it's ultimately best used below, you'll still have one of the prettiest vibes of all time in your arsenal.

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