Shailene Woodley’s High-Fiber Breakfast Is Worth Stealing for Yourself

Want to steal Woodley's high-fiber breakfast? Watch the video.

If you tuned into the highly-anticipated second installment of Big Little Lies, you know that Shailene Woodley's character, Jane, experienced a whirlwind of a season. When it comes to breakfast, however, Woodley doesn't like plot twists.

On the most recent episode of Well+Good's The Avocado Show, the environmentally conscious celebrity admitted that she enjoys the very same, high-fiber breakfast every morning. When Ella Dove, Well+Good's senior video producer, asked Woodley about her morning meal of choice, she answered simply: "Porridge. Every single day."

Thanks to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, porridge has kind of a snoozy reputation. One glance at its nutrition facts will sway your opinion though—promise. As porridge is the result of heating up any grain with water or milk, you have so much control over the nutritional contents of the a bowl. For example: If quinoa is your chosen base, one cup contains about 6 grams of fiber—the heart-healthy, digestion-boosting nutrient all of us could stand to eat a little more of.

The 6 grams doesn't even include the toppings you can use to grow that number, like a serving of blueberries (2.5 grams), chia seeds (about 10 grams), or almond butter (about 4 grams). Load your bowl with all three and, ta-da!, you've served yourself up 20 plus grams of fiber before noon. I think Woodley would agree that when it comes to good digestion, simplicity is the key. Let's save the drama for the screen.

Woodley has so many other nuggets of wellness wisdom! Watch the full episode to soak it all in.

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