Shake Shack’s Secret-Menu Hack Makes Your Burger Keto-Friendly

Photo: Stocksy/Davide Illini

Burger-joint sandwiches and the ketogenic diet typically don't go hand in hand, since the high-fat meal plan spurns carbs, buns included. But, the next time you find yourself drooling outside a Shake Shack (hey, it happens!), go ahead and walk inside because there's a secret-menu hack that makes the burgers keto-compliant and also gluten-free.

Instead of eating a bun, order it with a lettuce wrap. It's a unpublicized subsititution, but one that offers a healthy alternative that let's you get your fix.

Shake Shack burgers can now be made keto-friendly (and gluten-free!) by ordering a lettuce wrap rather than a bun.

Another reason to visit Shake Shack? Starting today, the company is testing its first vegan-friendly burger at the Midtown East, Upper East Side, and Astor Place locations in New York City; the WeHo and Glendale locations in Los Angeles; and at The Domain in Austin. Right now, you can only order the better-for-you option via the Shake Shack app, but it will hit in-store menus for a limited release of an unspecified duration on April 24.

This new option sounds a lot healthier than the 'Shroom Burger—AKA the only other vegetarian meal available on the menu—which is a deep-fried portobello mushroom burger filled with melted cheese. The Veggie Shack, on the other hand, is made from black beans, brown rice, and roasted beets and is topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, an optional slice of melted provolone cheese, and vegan mustard mayo—all for 530 calories. If you are vegan or have other dietary restrictions, keep in mind that the regular bun contains dairy—but, of course, the lettuce wrap is now an option in your Shake Shack arsenal, and gluten-free buns are also available.

So whether you're vegan, keto, or just want a lighter burger option, Shake Shack is turning into the place to be. Maybe—fingers crossed—the company will introduce dairy-free custard next.

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