Apparently, You Can Stick a Pineapple in These Tights and They Won’t Rip—So I Put Them Through the Ringer

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We’ve all been there, slipping into a fresh pair of tights, only to discover a run or tear moments later. How, you think. Or, if you’re a little less polite and patient, perhaps an expletive or two expels out of your mouth instead.


The good news is there’s a solution—an easy, affordable solution you can add to your online cart right now. Instead of buying pair after pair of tights, only to snag them on one leg or discover a run on the other, you can replace your entire (ripped, holey) tights collection with just one pair: Shapermint Essentials Tear-Proof Shaping Tights ($20). Designed with durability in mind, they’re made with incredibly long-lasting, couldn’t-ruin-them-if-you-tried yarn, and trust us, we tried to ruin them.

shapermint tights
Shapermint Tights — $18.00

Sizes available: S-3X

Made of a super durable nylon-spandex blend, these truly are un-rippable. You can also purchase at Nordstrom and Amazon (although sizing is limited).


They’re indestructible—so much so that Shapermint calls them “pineapple-proof.” As in, they won’t rip even with a spiky pineapple inside them. No matter how stubbly my legs get in the winter, they never reach a pineapple-like prickly status, so these have to be good, I thought.

I put a pair to the test to find out. I shoved my seen-better-days tights to the back of my closet for a few weeks, instead wearing Shapermint’s pair of opaque black tear-proof tights with any and every fall outfit. While I can be a bit precious with tights—for reasons we all know!—I purposefully wasn’t gentle with these. They were jammed into my suitcase, shoved into boots without socks, and worn with all kinds of looks in all kinds of scenarios in all kinds of weather. One day I wore them with a dress and Chelsea boots for dinner plans, and a few days later I was playing on the floor with my goddaughter with the tights and another dress, her dog and his wayward claws begging for attention between us.

And yet? Not a single snag, tear, or sign of wear.

I thought of all the typical culprits that usually signal danger when in close proximity to delicate tights: zippers, sharp nails, rings, jumpy dogs, scratch-happy cats, and whatever happens to them in the washing machine when you simply can’t be bothered to hand wash. I put them on with a hand-full of pokey jewelry, I zipped up my long winter puffy in a too-close-for-comfort position, and threw them in the wash with abandon. The tights were still as good as new, but Shapermint already knows this. They put the tights through the wringer of thousands of stress tests, and claim they could not be ripped by 99 percent of women. As much as I’d love to be in the one percent, I’m not.

The Tear-Proof Shaping Tights live up to their name in every way, not only avoiding all snags, but by providing a Goldilocks amount of compression too (not too tight, not too loose). With medium stomach-shaping compression and light leg compression, they offer a smooth silhouette from your natural waist to your pinkie toe. The high-waisted power band sits just below the bra line, so you’ll never have to worry about the waistline rolling, and it provides a sleek look when wearing them with dresses, too.

The tights are available in three colors—latte, black, and chocolate—as well as a wide range of sizes, from small to 3XL. They’re ultra breathable too, so you can feel comfortable wearing them from your 9 a.m. meeting long past your happy hour plans. While lightweight, each color of the Tear-Proof Shaping Tights are opaque, providing full coverage from the first crisp days of fall, throughout a long winter, and straight into spring. I wore them on nine degree days in Minnesota, and felt perfectly warm, so that’s saying something.

Perhaps best of all, they’re sold at an affordable $20 too. Think of all the tights you won’t have to repeatedly buy, then repeatedly toss. Think of all the tights you’ll save from several lifetimes in a landfill. Think of all the dollars you’ll save. They’re worth every penny.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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