Brunch Is Served in Just 20 Minutes With These Delicious ‘Sheet Pan Pancakes’

Photo: Nisha Vora

I've never met a pancake I didn't like. If I could skip the whole process of waiting for them to cook and flipping them with a spatula, however, I would in a heartbeat. That's where sheet pan pancakes come in. All an at-home chef has to do is spread normal pancake batter onto a sheet pan and pop it in the preheated oven. Brunch is served 20 minutes later.

Although the exact (genius) inventor of sheet pan pancakes remains unknown, I first caught wind of the dish from vegan blogger Nisha Vora of Rainbow Plant Life. Even though she prepares her breakfast confections with zero animal products, there's a pancake to fit every eating style and diet. So grab a sheet pan because your griddle gets the weekend off.

How to make sheet pan pancakes


Gingerbread season usually gets reserved for the end of the year, but if you ask me, the flavor really deserves to be eaten year round.  The molasses in these pancakes give them a heartier consistency that's made for breakfast in bed.


Although carbohydrates mostly get booted from the keto diet, you can still experience that fluffy, starch-like feel in the morning. This recipe uses sour cream, almond, and coconut flour to make dense sheet pan pancakes you can freeze and eat all week.

Mediterranean diet: GREEK YOGURT PANCAKES

Get all the protein greek yogurt has to offer in a nice pancake package. This recipe sneaks in a few drops of lemon extract for an unexpected gourmet twist on flapjacks.

Here's the deal with the Mediterranean diet:


Just like gingerbread, pumpkin deserves to be a year-round thing rather than a seasonal favorite. Using Vora's recipe, you can serve up an batch of sheet pan pancakes dotted with chocolate chips.


Grab your forks (...or use your fingers), cave people. This recipe brings together almond flour, bananas, and eggs for a protein-rich breakfast that you'll enjoy by the forkful.

All your questions about the paleo diet, answered:

On the hunt for other time-saving breakfast hacks? Boil eggs in your Instant Pot and make delicious breakfasts using just a muffin tin

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