8 Shimmering Body Oils That Will Fake a Tropical Vacation—No PTO Necessary

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina
I don't know about you, but once spring hits, I hop into my shorts and tanks as fast as possible, only to face a very dry bod. While hot temps mean that you should immediately ditch the winter layers, sometimes your skin isn't quite ready to make its grand debut back into the world. An easy short cut? Shimmering body oils, which do the multitasking job of not only hydrating your skin but also providing the illusion that you've got ever-so-slightly bronzed skin. (Because who has mastered the streakless self-tanner application, anyways?)

With ingredients like hydrating jojoba and coconut oils, reparative antioxidants and fatty acids like sea buckthorn and avocado oils, and uber-glowy mica and iron oxides, these oils—when they catch that sunlight—give off that perfect vacation-kissed luminescence (not to mention feed your skin).

"Stylists hate me when I go to put makeup on my clients before they put their dress on because so many body moisturizers leave a mark," says Kelsey Deenihan, Avon celebrity makeup artist says. "This [Avon Illuminating Dry Oil Mist] is my new favorite—it's so good when you want a little bit of sheen, and it doesn't transfer anywhere. And it smells so good as it reflects little flecks of shimmer."

The same could basically be said about any of the oils—just apply and enjoy that touch of bronze and oh-so-shimmering effect.

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