7 Beauty Products That Help Me Fake It When I Don’t Have Time to Shower

Photo: Getty/Peathegee Inc
While baths are a self-care staple and showers can be just as—if not more so—rejuvenating, it's not always possible to indulge in either one. Sometimes, shower-less sweatboxes leave you with no choice but to rush from your favorite AM workout to the office with nary a drop of water by which to cleanse your salty bod.

In the past, this may have made such workouts a no-go; after all, no one wants to be the smelly girl in the office (who probably also cooks salmon in the microwave at lunch). These days, however, products are evolving to enable on-the-go gals to not only freshen up but get legit clean as well. Plus, they can make full-on daily bathing—which some experts argue is stripping your skin of bacteria it actually needs as it simultaneously keeps your hair colorist's business booming—unnecessary.

Below, find 7 clean products which can serve as shower substitutes, some of which you might be tried-and-true (hi, dry shampoo) while others—like the the sweat-transforming Mother Dirt A+O Mist—may be all new to you.

Shop these busy-gal perfect substitutes to skip your daily rinse.

Sometimes it's good to smell your own sweat—here's what yours might be trying to tell you about your health. Plus, these Lulu leggings will probably be dry enough to wear to work without a wash, too.

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