This $3 Buy Will Turn Your Shower Into a Full-on Spa

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Showers are like the ugly step sister to baths. They get no love. But like long soaks in the tub, showers should totally be filed under self-care. The thing is, there aren't nearly as many bells and whistles for your quick rinse as there are for your sacred bathtub time (like, you know, crystals that add a spiritual element, herbs that provide olfactory delight, salts that soothe skin, and the like). Thankfully, one item is aiming to spin your shower into a full-on spa experience: the shower bomb.

The shower bomb is basically what you'd expect it to be—a shower version of the beloved bath bomb, but instead of dispersing into your tub water, it releases essential oils into the steam as you do your thing upright. You can use them a couple of ways: Either place one on the shower floor for a more aromatic, intense experience all at once, or grab a mesh pouch to hang one from your faucet, which will allow the essential oils to dissolve more gradually over time and fill your bathroom with a relaxing or invigorating scent (yes, please). Essentially, it turns your shower into a spa room—so you can evoke the luxury of a steam room right at home.

Basically, shower bombs turn your shower into a giant diffuser. As the discs dissolve, the essential oils mix with both the heat and the steam for a maximally satisfying olfactory experience. I'm partial to the chill vibes of lavender (it helps with stress and sleep), but there are a slew of scents to choose from, like energizing lemongrass and refreshing eucalyptus, which is particularly indulgent post-workout. Or you can choose from fruity citrus (like uplifting lemon or anxiety-reducing sweet orange), stress-reducing rosemary, or sweet and spicy cinnamon—the options are endless (and they all smell good).

You can't really go wrong, TBH—bombs away.

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Originally posted November 11, 2017, updated May 25, 2018. 

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