Sisley-Paris Sisleÿa Radiance Concentrate Has a Derm’s Go-To Ingredients To Reverse Skin Aging—And It’s 50% Off Right Now

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Few skin-care brands are as coveted as Sisley-Paris. The French skin-care retailer is the definition of luxe, winning the hearts of derms since the '50s for its je ne sai quois on the skin. It's effective alright, but it's not cost-effective—scour the Sisley-Paris website and you'll be hard-pressed to find a serum or toner for under $200. Le sigh.

It's our lucky day, because Sisley-Paris Sisleÿa Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate ($262) is on sale at Nordstrom right now, down from its original, hefty price tag of $525 to $262. This is your sign to run—no, sprint—to Nordstrom to nab a bottle before the sale ends February 27. Or before the product sells out, which is probably will.

Sisley Paris, Sisleÿa Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate — $262.00

Originally $525, now $262

Dr. Sethi says this is an “excellent product for mature or dry skin,” and it’s 50 percent off its luxury price tag at Nordy right now.

Don't just take our word for it: "This product is an excellent choice for mature or dry skin," says Simran Sethi, MD, a doctor of internal medicine and founder of RenewMD Beauty and Wellness Spa in Fremont, California. "Due to the complexity of skin aging, there is not just one ingredient that can simultaneously address cumulative oxidative stress and the skin’s reduced ability to repair and more vulnerable skin barrier. This is why an anti-aging serum with multiple key ingredients or a multi-step skin care regimen is required for adequate reversal and prevention of skin aging."

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  • Simran Sethi, MD, internal medicine doctor and founder of Skin by Dr. Simran Sethi

Sisleÿa Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate definitely ticks off all of Dr. Sethi's boxes. The foamy serum is formulated with powerful ingredients that practically turn back your skin's natural hourglass to rebuild its barrier, reduce oxidative stress (dark spots from UV, blue light, etc.), and promote healthy collagen production. According to Dr. Sethi, these star ingredients include:

  • Prickly Pear: "This is the hero ingredient in this product due to its anti-oxidative properties and ability to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier," says Dr. Sethi. Turns out, prickly pear is loaded with vitamin E, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids which work together to replenish the skin barrier. "Skin barrier integrity is essential in promoting healthy skin renewal because this fends off oxidative stress caused by UV, digital, and particulate matter pollution."
  • Vitamin A: Of course Sisleÿa Radiance Concentrate is formulated with vitamin A, the nutrient retinol is derived from. Dr. Sethi explains this is essential in skin cell turnover, no matter how old you are. The faster skin can produce more cells, the faster it can correct damage, smooth fine lines, and prevent signs of stress.
  • Morbus alba — The next key ingredient kind of sounds like something out of Game of Thrones. "Morbus alba is a botanical skin lightener that reduces the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for production of skin pigment," says Dr. Sethi. "Reduction in pigment produced by excess UV, free radical exposure and/ or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation will also promote a clearer complexion by promoting an even complexion and skin tone." Noted.
  • Ougon — Finally, there's ougon, which helps stave off signs of aging from particulate matter, aka, the smallest sized particle in air pollution. "[Particulate matter] is responsible for disruption of skin’s barrier function causing skin aging and uneven skin tone," says Dr. Sethi.

Considering a bottle of this skin sorcery normally retails for $525, the time to strike is now. As Dr. Sethi mentioned, it's particularly great for mature or dry skin, and for those with darker skin tones. "Mature or dry skin can easily appear more dull and pigmented due to inflammation and irritation, but this unevenness and dullness is especially more pronounced in darker skin tones," she says. "Skin barrier promotion and replenishment, along with a botanical skin lightener to correct pigmentation, can substantially protect the skin from being affected by environmental and inflammatory agents."

The only red flag she notes is the high concentration of vitamin E content, which might not play well with acne prone skin, due to the oils. Otherwise, its a luxe product on sale at a muuuch less luxe price that deserves a spot in your medicine cabinet, like, yesterday.

Shop the rest of the sale here!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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