You’re About to Hear About the ‘Skin Silking’ Mitt Non-Stop—Here’s Why

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Exfoliation is basically a choose your own adventure: You can slough off skin with a trusty chemical exfoliant, which breaks down the glue that holds skin cells together. You can use a scrub which helps to break apart skin cells and carry them away. Or, you can use a Skin Silking mitt, which literally helps your skin come off... in sheets.

"This is usually an abrasive, full-handed mitt that is rubbed over wet skin in the shower," says Ted Lain, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and chief medical officer at Sanova Dermatology. "The friction and abrasion helps to remove the dead skin cell layer, leaving your skin smoother and brighter." These types of exfoliating mitts aren't new, but they are effective, and so brands continue to fine tune them: Kesse mitts have long been used in hammams as a way to prep skin, while K-beauty Italy towels are a shower staple for softer-than-a-dream skin, and the Australian-born skin-silking mitts, likewise, banish any dead skin cells without the use of another product. "A skin silking mitt is also often used for the body, since the large surface area of the mitt works well to quickly exfoliate your limbs and body," says Dr. Lain.

Much like facial scrubs, though, using these mitts isn't for all skin types. "Normal to oily skin types can benefit from an exfoliating mitt, but those with sensitive skin should avoid it, since it's very easy to exfoliate too aggressively," says Dr. Lain, who notes that this can lead to redness and inflammation. He also points out that you should be careful with mitts, because you're in charge of the depth of exfoliation. "The amount of pressure and number of passes over the skin dictates the depth of exfoliation, so you can choose to exfoliate different areas at different levels," he says. Just be sure to get yourself a mitt that's not overly abrasive. "Stick to those that gently exfoliate," says Dr. Lain. Keep scrolling for the ones to add to cart.

The Original Skin Silking Mitt, $23

Photo: Skin Silking

In the land of exfoliating mitts, this one is velvety-soft and made with natural fibers that are gentle on your skin.

TeChef Home Korean Exfoliating Bath Washcloth, $4

Photo: TeChef

For just four bucks, you get a pack of four bath mittens, all made especially for skin exfoliation. They're small, but still deliver that baby-soft feeling once you're done.

Zakia's Morocco The Original Kessa Hammamm Scrubbing Glove, $10

Photo: Zakia's Morocco

Another Amazon find, this spa-level mitt is the perfect shape to reveal brighter skin all over your body.

Buddha Bath Scrub Gloves, $13

Photo: Buddha Bath

Don't be fooled: These look like innocent winter mittens, but they're actually exfoliating gloves for your dull, dry skin. And it comes in a pack of three for three times the glow.

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