‘I’m a Makeup Artist and This Is Why Starting Your Routine With Skin Care Is of Top Importance’

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Put simply, makeup is fun. It's a way to invest time in yourself, and it even has the power to lift your mood. But no matter how much makeup you buy and how well executed your application is, the most important first step of your routine is—and will always be—skin care.

This is why celebrity makeup artist Sarah Uslan founded LULA, a new botanical-based skin-care brand that helps to nourish and prepare your skin for a more seamless makeup application. "I’ve always believed a radiant complexion starts with your prep and care ritual," says Uslan. Scroll down for three skin-care tips that will help smooth out your routine.

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  • Sarah Uslan, Sarah Uslan is a celebrity and editorial makeup artist and the founder of LULA.

1. Strengthening your skin barrier can prevent clogged pores

Brands like LULA make it their purpose to help you protect your skin barrier before you apply your makeup. "My goal is always to prep the skin in a way to get it to a place where less makeup has to be used to create a look," says Uslan. "Over time, using thick layers of makeup can cause clog pores and damage the skin." However, by priming skin first with the skin care that it needs, you can strengthen the barrier for foundation, concealer, and the like. "Assessing the skin and applying skin care before you apply makeup not only helps skin's health but it helps you decide which makeup application direction to go in," she says. This brings us to...

2. Addressing your skin type can make your makeup last longer

That said, "skin care is not a one-size-fits-all solution," says Uslan. To make sure your makeup lasts all day and goes on smoothly, each individual’s skin care needs have to be addressed to determine the best course of action for prep.

Drier skin

"If you have dry skin and apply makeup without any sort of skin prep or nourishment, the makeup will adhere to the dry patches, making the makeup look obvious," she says. To make it appear more skin-like, she says to prep the complexion with "a moisturizing base," which the makeup can mix with on skin and look more natural. 

Oilier skin

Alternatively, says Uslan, "if I am working with a client who has oily skin, I'll use a simple Evian spray and cotton ball to remove excess sebum and apply a light moisturizer to help extend the longevity of the makeup."

3. Skin care isn't limited to your face

With so many products on the market to take care of your face, it's easy to forget that the rest of your body needs a little TLC too. "For a final glowing finish," Uslan recommends using a body lotion or oil on your arms, legs, shoulders, neck, and hands to complete the full look and keep your skin hydrated all day long.

6 products to shop to prep your skin before makeup

Supergoop! Glow Screen SPF 40 — $36.00

This multitasking sunscreen gives you SPF 40, major hydration, and a perfectly glowy base for your makeup. The sheer finish means no white cast, and there’s nothing better than a combo of protection, priming, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B5.

Tatcha The Liquid Silk Canvas — $52.00

This oil-free, lightweight primer is silky smooth and helps protect your skin from environmental pollutants, clogged pores, and keeps makeup on all day while not irritating your skin. Uslan says she reaches for it when she needs, “a bit more grip…before foundation.”

LULA Hand & Body Lotion — $55.00

This lavender-scented lotion is filled with hydrating shea butter and squalane and the hemp extract helps calm and moisturize your skin. Use the lotion on your hands and body before heading out the door for an all-over glow.

iNNBEAUTY Green Machine Vitamin C + Green Superfoods Jelly Serum — $32.00

Minimize dark spots, unevenness, and dullness with this vitamin C-packed serum that will help brighten, tighten, and firm your skin so you won’t need to pack on so much makeup on top.

Blue Lagoon Skincare The Serum — $180.00

This oil and fragrance-free serum is designed to target signs of aging and help protect your skin barrier over time. It promotes collagen production, prevents UV damage, helps fight against environmental aggressors, and reduces free radical damage.

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant — $30.00

Exfoliated skin means smooth skin. This chemical exfoliant has salicylic acid that helps unclog pores and prevent wrinkles. The BHA helps remove dead skin cells, allowing makeup to go on smoothly without creases or clumping.

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