SkinCeuticals New Advanced Scar Control Is Like a Super-Charged Healing Balm

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Well, SkinCeuticals has done it again. The skin-care brand that derms and beauty lovers can’t seem to stop praising, thanks to its science-backed formulations and quality ingredients, expanded its lineup with yet another useful and awesome product for me to shamelessly throw myself at. This time, it’s a scar treatment.

On Sept. 15, the beauty brand officially released its Advanced Scar Control, a new gel solution that helps improve the appearance and texture of minor cuts, scrapes and scars. From small, post-op surgery scars to the mark left behind after a shaving mishap, this treatment is here to help nourish and fade your scars. While the treatment has been available in dermatologist offices for a couple weeks, you can finally buy it online. Praise be!

Advanced Scar Control — $110.00

Made with 0.5 percent allantoin and 95 silicones, this Advanced Scar Control treatment helps hydrate and soothe recent and fresh scars.

Its formula contains a combination of silicones and allantoin, two commonly-used ingredients in scar treatments. The addition of silicones is especially noteworthy because they can help break down collagen, which is key for preventing permanent scar formation, says Mona Gohara, a board-certified dermatologist and associate clinical professor at Yale School of Medicine. "Scars come from too much collagen," Gohara says, " [Silicones] break down the collagen, so that it's less likely to build up and create a thick scar."

At the same time, studies have shown that allantoin can help speed up wound recovery by reducing inflammation. Scars have a lot of inflammation when they're forming, but allantoin can help counteract this. It also works as a skin protectant to help provide much-needed moisture and hydration for your scar(s). This is actually the same ingredient used in the popular and budget-friendly Mederma Advanced Scar Gel, FYI.

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Does Advanced Scar Control really work? We tested it out.

Given its promises, I decided to try it out for myself. I have a three-day old scar that I got from barely grazing my calf with a razor in the shower. Although I'm usually one that likes to let these things play out and let my scars heal au naturel, I gave the product a good try for a few days.

Verdict? What I found is that it feels like a super charged healing balm. You put it on the area you need, and let it sit on top of your skin. It has an incredible amount of moisture, thanks to the allantoin. It also has a thick, clear consistency and quickly absorbs into the skin. Similar to when I use other skin protectants like Aquaphor, this one also packs in the moisture and seals the scar very well. 

After applying the gel throughout the day, I noticed the brightness of my scar had dulled down. It was still there, but a bit less noticeable. However, it's still too early to tell how long that will last. In full disclosure, I only used the product for less than a week, so I can't speak to the long-term effects. An FYI: In clinical trials funded by Skinceuticals, subjects "saw a significant improvement in new and recent scar redness, discoloration, and texture" after applying the treatment for 12 weeks. 

One thing to note is that this product is a bit oily after application, and that this is not a solution for deep puncture wounds or animal bites. So, keep that in mind before you decide to lather the target area. Otherwise, this is one beauty buy to consider if you're hoping to give your scars the fade treatment. 

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