An Esthetician Says This One-and-Done Serum Is So Moisturizing, You Can Skip Your Day Cream Altogether

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There's no denying that our complexions are a different type of dry in the summer. Yes, winter skin care is synonymous with heavy hydrators and flake-staving ointments, but come July, all that heat (be it humid or dry), sunshine, sunscreen, and salt can leave our skin Spongebob-level parched. Even on the days when it's sweating and arguably dewier, trust me—it's thirsty.

But according to Ashane Wilson, an esthetician at the Salt Spa at The Reeds in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, there's one single serum that can take your face from desert-dry to sea-level quenched in just a few swipes. You won't even need a day cream—this moisturizing gel is so dang rehydrating, it gets the job done on its own. "Everyone should have the SkinCeuticals B5 Hydrating Gel for a little boost," says Wilson. "It's my summertime favorite."

During a recent HydraFacial, Wilson shared that this super serum is her go-to, one-and-done product when the temps start to soar, thanks to its long-lasting hydrating powers. While other serums are moisturizing at first, they absorb into your face and neck quite fast, requiring an extra layer of hydration over top. Not Skinceuticals' B5 gel: "As a person who gives facials, I love the slip it has—you can massage it into someone all day," says Wilson. "But for me personally, I can wash my face and put it on and not worry about anything else. Even in the summer."

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  • Ashane Wilson, esthetician at the Salt Spa at The Reeds in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

It was my first time trying out the beloved serum for myself, and I can confirm it's as good as Wilson claims. Its sleek texture instantly nourishes the skin and lasts long after you put it on. That's likely due to its two mega-hydrating (and derm-approved) ingredients: vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid. Together, these two humectants work in tandem to draw and keep water in the skin, making it plumper, dewier, and more quenched for hours on end.

Wilson explains that the B5 Gel is especially convenient for days when she knows she's going to be getting wet and sweaty and wants to avoid the over-layered, pore-clogging feel of heavy cream. It's lightweight but silky-soft thanks to an added burst of phenoxyethanol, an oily synthetic designed to make it glide across the skin. "In the winter, I'll wear a cream," she said. "But I can put [the B5 gel] on and feel good, even in the summer."

Now, $86 for one serum is a pretty penny. But considering it does the job of 2-3 products at once, and it'll actually save you money on skin care down the line—it's skinimalism at its finest. Quench your face with Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel ($86), and skip the day cream altogether.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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