16 Dreamy Sleep Week Deals You Absolutely Shouldn’t Snooze On

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On top of gaining an extra hour of sunlight this week (but losing an hour of sleep, womp womp), it's Sleep Week and time to celebrate all-things snoozy. Each year, the National Sleep Foundation hosts its annual Sleep Awareness Week, emphasizing the importance 'Zzzs play on our health and overall wellbeing. Of course, it's also a perfect excuse for sleep brands to get in on the fun, too, most often with sales too excellent to snooze on.

This year's Sleep Week deals are the stuff of dreams. From mattresses and  furniture, to eye masks and alarm clocks, it's all heavily discounted for the occasion and worth bringing home to your bedrooms STAT. If you're feeling groggy from losing an hour of sleep yesterday, fear not—these Sleep Week deals will have you back to sleeping like a baby in no time.

Mattresses and furniture

1. Avocado 

Avocado Green Mattress, best mattresses for sex
Photo: Avocado

Make the switch to organic—mattresses, that is. Avocado's certified organic mattresses are handcrafted with better-for-you materials that are better for the planet, too. They're all up to $300 off on the brand's website including all different sizes and mattress types. Use the code SLEEP at checkout. Shop now

2. Casper

casper element mattress
Photo: Casper

Technically, Casper is throwing a Daylight Savings deal, where you can "make up for lost sleep with up to $1,250 off mattresses, bed frames, pillows and more." Sleep bundles are up to 40 percent off now through March 14, most of which include a mattress, bed frame, and accessories. Our pick? The Best-Selling Bundle that saves you 30 percent on a whole new sleep-scape, including a mattress, foundation, and waterproof protector. Shop now. 

3. Leesa

Photo: Leesa

Leesa is known for its award-winning mattresses, and they're up to $700 off right now. We recommend the Legend Hybrid ($1,599), an ultra-luxe, sustainable hybrid mattress that features cooling layers of cotton and merino wool, dual-spring support, and a high-density foam layer for durability. Legendary, indeed. Shop now. 

4. Nectar

Photo: Nectar

Be it a new mattress, pillows, sheets, or nightstand, the Nectar sale has got you covered. Everything is 40 percent off, no code, needed. If that's overwhelming, keep it simple with a tried-and-true original—the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress ($629), which has more than 40,000 5-star reviews. Shop now

5. Nolah 

Photo: Nolah

Side-sleepers: Nolah's Original 10-Inch Mattress ($899) is known for dreamy support, pressure relief, and thermoregulation. All of the brand's mattresses are on sale now with savings up to $700 off. Plus, the brand will throw in two free pillows with your purchase. Shop now. 

6. Saatva

saatva classic mattress

Today through March 18, get a whopping $500 off on order $1,000 or more. No special code—you'll just see the savings at checkout. The Saatva Classic Mattress (starting at $995) is the most popular mattress for the brand (as well as W+G readers), but another popular one among hot sleepers is the cooling Saatva Latex Hybrid (starting at $745). Shop now.


7. Brooklinen

Photo: Brooklinen

Yep, Brooklinen's sheets really are as good as they say. Lucky for you, they're 20 percent off for Sleep Week, alongside other best-selling pillows, throw blankets, and other accessories. Don't sleep on the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle ($218), which is more than $100 off and comes in just-dropped, limited-edition prints that are perfect for a spring refresh. Shop now. 

8. Cozy Earth 

cozy earth loungewear
Photo: Cozy Earth

If you're a hot sleeper or just run warm all the time, Cozy Earth is your one-stop shop for cool clothing and bedding. From its Oprah-approved bamboo sheets, to its editor-beloved cooling loungewear, it's all breathable and lightweight. Bonus: It's all up to 30 percent off right now. Shop now. 

9. Marlow

marlow pillow, one of the best pillows for side sleepers
Photo: Marlow

Brooklinen's sister brand, Marlow, makes an adjustable pillow that's suitable for just about any type of sleeper that's 20 percent off, too. Each Marlow Pillow ($52) is fully customizable, equipped with three loft profiles that can be zipped or unzipped to your liking—no stuffing in extra fill to get the job done. Dreamy, eh? Shop now. 

10. Mellanni

Photo: Amazon

Mellanni is one of Amazon's top-selling sheets brands for hotel-quality luxury. With more than 330,000 ratings, these Queen sheets are beloved for their supreme softness, cooling technology, and affordable price tag. Normally $50, they're marked down to $35 and come in a variety of prints, colors, and sizes perfect for creating your dream bedscape. Shop now. 

11. Parachute

Photo: Parachute

You can still catch the tail-end of Parachute's epic Warehouse Sale tonight if you shop fast. The entire "Last Chance" section is up for grabs at 20 percent off with the code HAPPYHOME20, and the sales are truly dreamy. Think: Up to 60 percent off breezy linen sheets, chic robes, airy athleisure, and even furniture. Shop now. 

12. Sunday Citizen

Photo: Sunday Citizen

If you'd rather take your time, Sunday Citizen is offering 20 percent off its Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket ($215) all month long. Each plush throw is filled with a blend of rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst to provide gentle pressure and is wrapped in the brand's signature snug fabric. Choose from 10-, 15-, 20-, and 25-pound blankets. Shop now

Sleep accessories

13. Blissy

Photo: Blissy

Fun fact: Silk is better for your skin and hair than traditional cotton or linen. Enter, Blissy, which makes all of its sleep accessories with luscious mulberry silk that are nearly half off for the remainder of the month. Shop pillowcases, eye masks, hair accessories, pajamas, and more for up to 50 percent off, plus free shipping. Shop now. 

14. Amazon Halo Rise Alarm Clock

Photo: Amazon

Start your day off with a soothing morning routine from Amazon's Halo Rise alarm clock, marked down from $140 to $100 for Sleep Week. It wakes you up naturally, using light to mimic a sunrise and also doubles as a sleep tracker, using no-contact technology to monitor breathing, movements, room temperature, and more. "Rise and shine" just got a whole new meaning. Shop now. 

15. Jall Alarm Clock

Photo: Amazon

Or, get the budget-friendly Jall Alarm Clock ($30) for a fraction of the price. It's a sunrise alarm clock, too, and includes seven alarm settings and color options. While it doesn't double as a sleep tracker, it does also work as a radio and a bedside lamp. Shop now. 

16. Renpho Heated Eye Massager 

Photo: Amazon

Elevate your nap time with Renpho's Heated Eye Massager ($70) that's 15 percent off on Amazon. The massaging mask heats up between 104-107 degrees Fahrenheit while oscillating pressure and percussion alleviate eye pain, strain, and overall fatigue. Perfect for naps, migraine relief, mid-day pick-me-ups, and more. Shop now. 

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