The Only Equipment You Need for These Slider Workouts Is a Pair of Socks

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Sliders are a simple way to take your workouts to the next level. Instead of stepping back into a lunge like you usually would, for instance, they add instability into the mix. That requires your muscles to work even harder to maintain control as your leg glides back into position. While you can snag a pair of sliders for around $10, you actually don't need them at all. You already have everything you need right at home in your sock drawer.

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"If you don't have any sliders, you can use a dishcloth on a slipper floor or put on a pair of socks," says Pilates instructor Chloe De Winter. Basically, as long as your socks don't have any grippers on the bottom—and you're not working on carpet!—you should be able to slide around with ease and reap the same benefits as an actual slider disc provides.

From getting a reformer-like Pilates workout to making your HIIT sweat seshes even more challenging, these are the best slider workouts with socks.

The best slider workouts with socks

1. Plank series

Triana Brown's plank series strengthens and tones your core in just 10 minutes through army crawls, plank extensions, and plank crunches.

2. Pilates slider workout

Adding a sliding element to your Pilates workout allows you to replicate moves you're usually only be able to do on a reformer. De Winter's workout is definitely tough, but it's so fun that it flies by.

3. Lower body slider workout

You'll go through seven moves during this workout that will put your lower body to the test, including the ultra-hard plank to pike. Talk about a challenge.

4. Full body slider workout

Work your entire body in this workout that will leave your muscles shaking. There's plank up-downs, platform lunges, and more. And it only requires 15 minutes of your time.

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