These Best-Selling Silk Pillowcases That De-Frizz Hair While You Sleep Are on Sale—But They’re Going Fast

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There are a few things you should know about me. First, I have very long, very fine hair—albeit, a lot of it. Secondly, I love skin care—I’m sent seemingly endless products, so I regularly find myself layering on product after product after product, hoping none goes to waste. Thirdly, I love to sleep. My bed is my happy place and my bedding is primarily the reason why. All of these things lead me to today’s topic: Slip’s beloved mulberry silk pillowcases, which are on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

As much as I adore my Casper mattress, my Tommy Bahama Ahhhhhmazing down alternative pillows, and Brooklinen sheets and duvets, my Slip Silk Zippered Pillowcases (which I have in solid colors, as well as the stunning new Alice + Olivia print) are the icing on the cake (and I love cake almost as much as I love my bed).

The point is, they’re game-changing. They take my sleep to a whole new level. It’s not just the fact that they’re supremely soft, though—it’s that due to the smoothness of the material, my fine strands are never snagged while rolling over in the middle of the night. It’s also because of the smoothness that I wake up with silky-soft, ultra-smooth tresses, not a head full of hair ravaged by frizzy tangles and snarls. Another reason to love the silk fabric? It’s non-absorptive, so my precious skin-care products stay on my face, not deep within the fibers of the pillowcase.

This isn’t just marketing speak though. Beauty experts back it up. "Silk allows the hair to move easily over the pillowcase without friction, thereby keeping its style in place,” Marnie Nussbaum, MD, a New York City dermatologist, previously told Well+Good. “It also allows the hair to keep its natural oils and prevents frizz and dehydration."

What’s more, Nussbaum says that cotton is known to absorb moisture and hydration from the skin, which can leave skin looking more dehydrated, and potentially more riddled with fine lines as a result. She assures us that this is not the case with silk.

These beauty benefits, plus the very design of the pillowcase are what makes the Slip Silk Zippered Pillowcases an absolute must-have in my book. They're made with a hidden zipper (which you can’t feel while laying on it) to conceal even the fattest, fluffiest pillows, ultimately making a made-up bed look even more pristine—genius.

That said, at $89 a pop for a queen-size pillowcase, it can quickly add up. Thankfully, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has a deal that’s too good to pass up. Now through July 31, Nordstrom shoppers can snag two white Slip Silk Zippered Pillowcases for $125 (that’s a $53 savings). So, if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not Slip pillowcases are worth trying out, let this be your sign. But whatever you do, don’t sleep on this sale item—the set is sure to sell out. Shop the rest of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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