Whip up This Vegan Curry Slow-Cooker Recipe for Your Next Cozy Gathering

Photo: The Iron You
As multi-cookers, like the Instant Pot, continue their meteoric rise to the kitchen-gadgets Hall of Fame, you're likely in one of three camps: you've been using (and singing the praises of) one of these devices for years, you're dusting off that slow cooker your grandmother gave you a few years ago, or your Amazon searches on the subject are aplenty. (Baby, it's cold outside.)

First things first, a slow cooker and Instant Pot are not the same thing—an Instant Pot can act as a slow cooker whereas vice versa is not true. Now that air is clear—you might (like me) be wondering, "Well, what do I actually make in the thing?" That's where exhibit A comes in: a vegan coconut curry lentils recipe from The Iron You.

It's vegan, and it has coriander, anti-inflammatory turmeric, potatoes, and lentils—basically, it's perfect for your next hygge-happy fall gathering.

You do literally five minutes of prep (AKA 1.5 Beyoncé songs), throw everything into the pot, and fire it up. By the time you get home from work or errands (or that rarest of awesome happenings, a flirty gym session), your dinner is ready and waiting for you.

And though there are countless slow-cooker recipes to try, this one has several things going for it: It's vegan, and it has coriander, anti-inflammatory turmeric, potatoes, and lentils—all of the best fall flavors. Since this recipe is made to serve eight, it's perfect for your next hygge-happy gathering. Pass the puzzles and the chic PJs—it's party time.

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