Let’s Mix It up With This High-Protein Alternative to Avocado Toast

Photo: Flora & Vino

I'm going to say something pretty controversial: I'm not a huge fan of avocado toast. I love the idea, but every time I eat toast with smashed avocado I can't help but wish it was smothered instead with peanut butter and honey. But maybe that's just because I've been choosing the wrong green topping.

Lauren Kirchmaier, the plant-based blogger behind Flora & Vino, recently shared a recipe for pea toast that's dropping jaws. Peas masquerading as avocado?! I'm into it. "If you’re a little tired of hummus and nut butter and avocado, this spontaneous spread is just what you need to mix it up," she writes on Instagram. And a super healthy one at that. While avocados bring on the healthy fats, one cup of green peas contains 8 grams of protein as well as 7 grams of fiber and plenty of vitamin C.


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Green is the name of the game this week, starting with this LEMON-Y SMASHED PEA TOAST that’s one of my favorites for spring. ??? Peas on toast?! Yes, peas. ? If you’re a little tired of hummus and nut butter and avocado, this spontaneous spread is just what you need to mix it up. This pea smash is similar to hummus in its recipe with a tangy fresh lemon & herb kick! If you’re not into toast, try it on your favorite crackers, veggies, or veggie chips instead! - Here’s what you need: ➖frozen green peas ➖runny tahini ➖lemon juice ➖garlic powder ➖parsley or fresh herbs ➖lemon zest ➖Himalayan sea salt ➖black pepper, to taste ➖toasted bread, GF if desired ➖green onion - Grab the full recipe link in my profile! Happy #toasttueasday! . . . https://www.floraandvino.com/lemon-y-smashed-pea-toast-of-gf/ . . . #floraandvino #peasmash

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The best part about this this recipe for pea toast is that you really don't even need anything fancy to make it. You can straight-up use any bread and frozen peas. With ingredients like tahini, lemon juice, garlic powder, green onions, and parsley, the spread is perfectly creamy, similar in texture to hummus. The sweetness from the peas pairs flawlessly with the tangy lemon and flavorful kick from the herbs. Yep, I don't know about you, but my freezer is about to be stocked with bag upon bag of little green powerhouses.

Don't worry—there's still hope for anyone who's not into toast. Instead, start your day with one of these healthy acai bowls. And if you'd rather go the warm and cozy route, this turmeric pumpkin quinoa oatmeal is to-die-for.

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