Smile Makers’ Dual-Stimulation Vibrator Helps You Orgasm Quickly With Its Squeeze Control Tech

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Hot take: If the clitoris was work of art, it would be a Monet. You see, we think of the clitoris as this magical little bean that sits on top of the vagina waiting to be tickled or tantalized. And from far away—like a Monet—it is. But look closer and you'll see the clitoris is so much more than that—it's an anatomical masterpiece, a complex web of internal nerve endings that lie deep beneath the surface, fanning out and under behind the vaginal opening for knee-shaking, sheet-gripping pleasure. When its stimulated externally and internally, orgasms turn into a work of art. So much so that 73 percent of vulva owners prefer this blended stimulation for fuller, more satisfying pleasure.

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That's exactly why sexual wellness brand Smile Makers set out to create The Artist ($129), the retailer's dual-stimulation vibrator that's designed to give users creative control of their orgasms, inside and out.

"We wanted to acknowledge and celebrate the clitoris as central to female pleasure," explains Smile Makers' Brand Director, Cecile Gasnault. "We knew we really had to work to create a product that would maximize pleasure both internally and externally and enable a personalized experience for the users they could adjust to their each, unique anatomy. That's how The Artist came to be as the most dual-stimulating vibrator that can deliver pleasure from all angles."

Unlike Smile Makers' line of external stimulating toys, The Artist packs a one-two punch: there's a broad, bulbous clitoral tickler up top to give you that external stimulation, while the internal vibrator  goes inside the vagina to stimulate your G-spot and those long, hidden wings the clitoris has. Both parts are powered by two motors of equal power, one in each head to maximize pleasure. "And the shape has been designed with an adjustable fit to recreate an intimate embrace on the anatomy. So the two heads can be spread apart or pushed closer together depending on the person," says Gasnault.

Like a piece of clay, you can mold the toy and its vibrations (there are nine different pulsation settings) to your liking, giving you total creative control over orgasm.

Photo: Smile Makers

Testing this orgasmic masterpiece

So, was this vivid vibrator really going to turn my masturbation practice into a work of art? I had to know. Unwrapping my Artist, I was immediately struck with how pliable the product was—it really does feel like a ball of clay you would erotically shape in pottery class.

So I, ahem, took myself on a romantic date with The Artist and was really impressed with its work. As Gasnault promised, its flexibility made it easy to move around and match the contours of my vagina. Compared to other dual-stimulation vibrators I've tried, it's easy to find your muse, if you know what I mean. You can pull the clitoral head farther away for more targeted action on your clit—it's not fixed in place, making it easy to adjust as needed.

But the part that won my heart is the ergonomic squeeze handle that gives you free rein over your creative expression. On the grip are two strategically placed squeeze sensors that allow you to intuitively get more oomph when you need it. "The user can control the intensity level just by squeezing the sensors," says Gasnault. "It's a really nice way to have intuitive control, to have precise control... over a preset intensity."

Masturbating with most vibrators I've tried requires you to stop, find the button, push the button, and think about whether or not that speed will play—not really the sexiest experience in the heat of the moment. The squeeze control really is intuitive, a way more natural alternative I really enjoyed. Combined with the nine different pulsation patterns (which are those traditional buttons), and there's ample room for creative expression—all that results in a deeper, fuller orgasm than if you were to just stimulate the external clitoris.

Broad strokes: It's double the pleasure

Photo: Smile Makers

When it comes to pleasure, twice really is nice. The Artist's flex-y shape, sculptural features, and intuitive design are date-worthy, alone or with a partner.

And it's not just for vulva play—Gasnault recommends taking advantage of its pliable shape and rumbly motors for all kinds of exploration. Each product comes with a booklet of suggestions on how to use it—but these are only suggestions. Get creative. Its flared base makes it safe for anal penetration, so if butt stuff has been your muse, lube it up and give it a whirl. Or, buzz that bulbous head over your other erogenous zones, like over nipples or testicles. "Don't be afraid to try different techniques," says  Gasnault. "That's how the product is meant to be use."

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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